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Well, here we are again. I hope your weekend was pleasant. I hurt myself a little and it put me out of sorts a bit. It is what it is though. I’m here to entertain you now and that’s what matters.

Delving in to this aspect of Victoria will be fun for me to do. For you, who knows? Maybe you already know all there is to know, or maybe you have kept to the surface of the internet your whole life. Either way it’s something I’m interested in so at least that will help make the story have the quality of an author who cares about the subject. If nothing else we’ll get to she Victoria looking embarrassed at some point most likely, and that should be fun. Join me, shall you?

As always, if you enjoy my content I fervently urge you to support it via the links above. Hoping against hope that you will pick up on the undercurrent of horrified desperation at the core of everything I do. XD

Anyway, that’s if for today. See you on Wednesday.


Personally, I read a furry book that was free on Kindle a few weeks after my Dad died in 2018.
When I was done I realized I’d actually been a furry since the first time I watched Bugs Bunny trick Daffy Duck into asking Elmer Fudd to shoot him. (Sometime around 1970)

I actually have a brother who’s very much a furry, and a friend growing up was also huge into that culture (I helped him get into a furry convention back in 2004) so it’ll be interesting to see if my experiences line up here. I’m largely ambivalent, but have nothing against furry characters.

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