1381 Bloodtype.

Say what you will about the Boothe family, but they stick together. If ever you wanted a glimpse inside the mindset of Reggie’s family here it is. Strained perhaps, but stronger than would be wise to test. Poor Neil can’t seem to catch a break with his machinations, although maybe he likes it that way…

I found out that the satellite service we have has all the Game Of Thrones for download. I’ve been watching them since then. I’m up to just past the red wedding. Still waiting for Joffrey to get fucked over.


Somehow, that furry suit face makes her words 30 times more menacing. Like the Joker’s laugh…

The repetition of BLOOD also adds an alarming and anxious aura …

This reminds me of Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, who said a thing in a growl-ly voice like:

” Last time we talked, Johnny Ringo, you wanted to “play” the gunfight game with me. Now, I’m ready to play…annnd we were playing for Bluuud! ”

[ Paraphrased] .

I’m your huckleberry…

*ahem* “I’ll be ya huckleberry”

Best line in that whole movie and I don’t even know why. Val Kilmer’s best role EVER. I realize that may not be saying much, but he was the best part of that movie.

… what kind of a fursuit owner uses the actual suit glove to eat a delicious slice of greasy pizza?

Even if those are separate from the rest of the suit, they’re a pain to wash, let alone keep clean. Normal use is enough, add grease and… eugh!

I was just going to post asking if it was possible for her to eat pizza wearing her suit!
I wasn’t even thinking about the paws … I’m imagining cheese all around the muzzle

She’s just looking at it desperately trying to figure out how to eat it without getting unmasked.

I feel her pain … I really need to time to remove the horrible facial growth that is currently turning me into a filter-feeder.

In all seriousness-

I guess you could make a longer-than-average fursuit head, shove the pizza past the hole in the back of your fursuit head’s mouth, + then eat the pizza [behind] the mouth of your FH.

You might also want to design this head so it’s easy to remove, in case you start to choke on food, while doing your eat-real-food-inside-your-fursuit-head-acrobatics.

Or…do the easy thing: wear your fursuit, grabs lots of pizza, then skeedaddle!

Man, I’ve actually HAD this problem at the furcons I go to, and the easiest answer I’ve had is a long muzzle + jaw hinge. If you’re willing to wear a more form fitting head and place your chin just right, you can open the suit’s mouth from the inside. It looks………………..not entirely unlike eating. Also, bring your own extra long fork/spoon/straw. Nothing the con has will be long enough. NOTHING.

Wow! That’s very cool. It’s neat that you did all of that work, so you can eat in your suit. :D

That’s cool. I may have to look at doing that for mine.

Although I must respond to the comment about nothing being long enough with the obligatory Takei style “Oh my.”

Remember when there were other characters in this strip?

Those were the days… those were the days.

… are you a Patron?

If not, maybe kick in a few bucks a month and help him out. Jackie will get back to the characters you like better eventually, but if he has more resources he might be able to make strips faster …

This stuff is also important for the story. It’s the foundation of several threads.

Maybe so, Jackie, and don’t think it isn’t entertaining, because it is. But we’re approaching the six-month anniversary of this little pizza party. It’s almost like Thomas, Carol, Jo, Mike and all the rest aren’t important anymore.

I may be the first to say it (I doubt it, but I’m not going through the comments to find out), but I’m probably not the first to think it.

He’s providing you with free entertainment. Let him tell the story the way he wants to.

Obviously, I can do nothing else but. However, when has that ever stopped anybody from complaining?

If you want to get all high-falutin’ about it, I’m providing valuable feedback to the creator of the comic about his pacing. Or I’m bitching about a storyline that’s taking way too long in my opinion, one of the two.

In the end, Jackie will do what he wants to do. However, he has a comments section for a reason. If it’s supposed to be for wet sloppy kisses only, well, guess I dun goofed. If it’s for getting an idea of what readers are thinking, though…

I made this choice and can only change course so much without getting lost. If it drives people away I have no one to blame but myself. Alea iacta est.

not that I’m a published author or anything, but you could probably get away with alternating the strips between what’s happening at the furry party and what’s happening with the others … if you wanted to that is. I know when I’m writing I want to get what’s foremost on my mind out first instead of hoping back and forth between various plots.

Man oh man. I know what you mean, and truly, I sympathize with your sentiment. But this is just the reality of on-going web series based comics. With three/four panel updates, three times a week, these things take time for every comic. GunnerKrigg Court, Zap Space Comic, BlasterNation, Schlock Mercenary, Goblins, GWS, they all have multi-month arcs. The weirdest feeling is when you go back in the archive and realize that your current arc started a whole year ago. (man where did that year go?) Just enjoy the ride. Someday this comic will end, and we will be able to sit down and read through the entire thing, start to finish, in a single sitting. But I know that despite that luxury, I’ll still look back more fondly at the time when it was an on-going comic. I suspect eventually, you’ll find yourself feeling that way too.

“Just enjoy the ride. Someday this comic will end, and we will be able to sit down and read through the entire thing, start to finish, in a single sitting. But I know that despite that luxury, I’ll still look back more fondly at the time when it was an on-going comic. I suspect eventually, you’ll find yourself feeling that way too.”

Wait. What???????? “Someday this comic will end”??!!??!!??


I recently went archive binging to check something out in a comic I read once in a while. The comic just had its 10th anniversary.

The thing I went to check lasted two years in real time, one page a week.

So yeah, six months with two or three updates per week? Not that much in comparison.

I get being anxious to see the others again, but feeling like they’ve lost importance? There’s some other excellent comics that would drive you off the deep end.

I’m enjoying it. I like how the comic shifts between subplots instead of just sitting around the store.

Yes, but now we’re sitting around a library meeting room. For a half-year.


So… we’ve completely ignored the more-or-less main characters since early November. Y’know, the characters that brought you here in the first place? The ones that kept you here?

Dunno ’bout you, but I’m of the belief that’s fairly important. But that’s just me.

I’ve learned long ago to let the creator unroll the storyline in her or his good time, as long as it’s entertaining. And it has been.

To my mind, you’re doing a great job, Jackie. You’re running 3 updates a week while being a substitute father to a Teen that needs one.

Even if there’s some valid nitpicking to be done on your pacing, meh. Anyone who read the “hurricane” plot in Freefall, the several year long “introductory” plotline in Grrl Power or “Grace’s Birthday Party” in EGS knows that long plots happen.

I agree wholeheartedly. It’s one thing to offer constructive feedback on the current strip (art, dialogue, etc.) but the overall structure and pacing of a story is ultimately for the storyteller to decide. At the very least, it’s not something the audience should critique until the story has concluded, because long build-ups often pay off later and it is very presumptuous of a reader to pretend to know where a story will lead.

Jackie, I respect you for sticking to your vision. As I see it, the length of this scene helps cement these new characters to the existing cast (as well as expand upon Reggie’s character), and you’ve done a great of it.

She reminds me of the guy from Bloodbourne who says something like “We are born of the blood. Made men by the blood. Undone by the blood.”

Sibling rule number 1: only I can mock my sibling. If anyone else tries, they’d better be prepared for hell.

Darn skippy! There are things YOU can say about your family that everyone else darn well better keep to themselves.

Question- is anyone else getting an ad for an adult website on the side banner?

Yep, it’s there, and semi-explicit.
But then, I’m single and browsing from home, so I don’t really mind all THAT much, personally. =)

If you’re talking about the right-side ad banner for Cutepet.org (my god, those guys have must have been going for a decade now), then yeah, it’s got tits front and center.

It’s late, so I appologize if those have contained nudity before and I just can’t recall it, or if you’ve mentioned something about this subject before and it’s not something that matters, but you might want to contact your advertiser, Jackie :V

I thought that you hadn’t shaded this one yet, until I noticed that Victoria has a shadow under her chin. Neil looks kind of funny in the first panel… and yes, Victoria looks terrifying!

I never doubted how much the boothe’s minded each other, it was pretty apparent from the aunt bit way back when

Third panel looks like a scene from Five Nights at Freddy’s…

I was late to learn about FNAF.

I’m so glad I took the time to watch all the game footage late at night a month or so back so that this could seem like an especially threatening scene. (cause I need something else to be scared of) Now that its had time to get into my subconscious. I didn’t even realize what it was till you mentioned it.

The Boothe’s, as a whole, seem very aggressive. Reggie and the aunt more so than Victoria, but it’s certainly there, with her. Apparently her aggression has an overlay of anxiety covering it.

Neil, Victoria…mind your respective manners.

The smiling, looming, in-your-face fursuit is spot-on. The yaeba fangs are nightmare fuel.

Also — am I the only one who noticed that Victoria takes her pizza plain? This may say something about her personality — especially since her brother likes Pepperoni on his.

Yeah, I noticed. But kinda thought that the toppings had just slid off while she was trying to figure out how to eat it.

Given the absence of the delicious brown patches of semiburnt cheese that speckle plain cheese pizza, I’m inclined to agree.

Scary clown mascot thing is scary!

Why threaten to suck his blood with rubber fangs?

Cause they’re dull you twit, it’ll hurt more!


I wonder if that old family history is a lingering part of why they are still so tight to this day?

“We are blood, little bootlicker.”

God, that was so awesome. It has even more of an impact because of how timid she normally appears to be. Seems like the story galvanized her a bit.

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