1177 Oh No You Don’t.

Okay, unless I’m mistaken, my Nintendo Network ID is BetweenFailures. So If you want to send a friend thing you can. I have no idea what you can do as my friend, but there you go.

I’m still in a sour mood over having my archive posted on another site. It irritates me to no end knowing that someone is getting money, no matter how little, because of my work. It fills me with rage.

That said, I would like to share with you how I found out.

King Honkey:
not sure if you should be proud or insulted lol BUUUUT

your comic just got uploaded to a hentai Gallery website….as Non-Hentai LOL

Jackie Thomas Wohlenhaus:
God, why would anyone bother? It’s already on my own site. How did you even find it?

King Honkey:
Lol how else

Jackie Thomas Wohlenhaus:
Fair enough… XD

King Honkey, as I have named him, is one of the people I actually worked with at the stores Between Failures is based on, and he has always wanted rule 34 of Jolene mostly, but I keep not drawing any. XD


one. WTF?!?! why would a hentai site be posting something that’s non-hentai, I doubt it’s right for them to do that anyways, and you should be able to contact the owners or someone to have it removed..

two, first comment is…not something I’m used to getting, but I do want to say this: I got a good laugh outta Reggie’s expression..that’s oddly kinda funny to me.

It’s probably g.e.hentai. Users post lots of webcomic archives there as they please, or so I’ve heard… Another webcomic I read was informed of that happening too

Rule 34 of ALL the females! /o/
[or males for the ladies/gaydudes, totally a preference thing, but just speaking on my behalf here XD]

The site in question does have “report copyrighted material” button. Sites like that usually will take down stuff pretty fast if someone complains.

… huh.

I searched for the gallery and found it, and it looks like two people have said that you don’t like the fact that everything got mirrored there. On the plus side it looks like the archive did get you some new fans.

Their terms of service says that stuff that isn’t creative commons or free to distribute should not be posted there. I imagine they don’t really enforce that very often considering how much copyrighted stuff was just shown there on the front page of the site… but they do have a “Do not post” list. So maybe you could ask them to take it down?

I love the smell of rain too…

I too share the love you feel! …and to safeguard against the possibility of unfamiliarity, or should that be moot, I merely reiterate this fact as a joyous affirmation: our love has a name, and it is “Petrichor!”


You know, I’m now actually liking Reggie. I think he’s passed his douchebag phase and actually seems to be a decent person, people are actually starting to like him in the comic, could even start being friends with them.

I don’t know. I think it’s more he can empathize with a bad breakup. I’m pretty confident he’s dated before, and his inability to take responsibility for anything probably lead to a few fights and at least one legendary breakup.

It’s part of that honor he has, that twisted sense of loyalty to his co-workers. He could still be a dick, but right now even he can recognize when that’s going too far. He’s not about to taunt someone over this. Anything but this.

Hentai is like, y’know, Scooby-Doo….if the dog were an octopus…from space…and got to do unmentionable things to the girls…and Shaggy was transgendered…and, well….um….nevermind


Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the hentai gallery thing, but as someone has already pointed out, it could expand your readers. Just request it to be taken down and hope that some of the site visitors come over here instead. :3

I mean, come as in moving from point A to point B and staying there, not the other kind that requires you to go back and forth for a while… But whatever works, I guess. xD

Oh, yeah — Nina got that right! The interplay between Thomas and Reggie in the last panel is first-rate — Reggie’s indignation and Thomas’ reaction.

Yeah, I agree, somewhat, with what @Parismio said concerning the Peanut Gallery (not that I think that Between Failures) has much of a pre-teen audience) but the response from @hypnofetish was priceless. That’s an… interesting definition of Hentai. This is one more reason I’m glad I’m not a Scooby-Doo fan. (* squick! *)

I’m with Nina, I love the smell of rain.

I find it interesting that people seem to be under the impression that Reggie is “over” his douchebag phase. You don’t “get over” being a douchebag like that; Reggie is just too tired and distracted to worry about posturing right now. (That’s the difference between him and Wes, who could never forget to posture.)

Crave, loving the art on Nina in particular in this strip (and not just because she’s my favorite character like, ever). I want her every expression as a wallpaper; especially panel one.
(If you do that, I’d say leave the bubble that says “I love the smell of rain”.)

I must be a bit dence, I forget what rule 34 is. If it is what I think it is I’m for Joeliene, I just think she is so “Cutie” and the personality you have given her is the best I have seen.

Now Carol, is somthing like my ex-wife, love her to death, but just can’t live with her. LOL

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