1178 Oblivious.

That fucking car… It is based on a Ford Ka, I think it’s called. Which sounds like they started naming it and quit before they got done. Anyway I hope the carefully rendered vehicle makes up for the mess the rest of the page is. I was not pleased with anything but the car, which is abnormal. Trying to keep up with the posting schedule always gets dicey this time of year. I am just barely ahead of the game now. Hopefully things will calm down and I can get ahead a little soon.

Anyway, happy new year. I hope the new one treats you well.


Wow, That’s weird… They’ve been making the Ka since 1996 and I’ve never heard of it til now.

Learn something new every day.

A little Google-fu shows me that Ka is manufactured by Fiat for Ford… and it’s similar in body style to the Fiesta.

It annoys me so much when people are surprised by my lack of make and model knowledge. I don’t drive so why should I care what the name of somebody else’s car is?

I don’t know what anything is either. Even my truck I forget.

Unless you’ve changed recently, I think it’s a Ford Ranger. Depending on the year and specs, I think it should probably have either the 2.3 4 cylinder, or a 3.1 (I think) or a 4.0 litre v6. Don’t recall if you said it was 4×4 or not or standard or automatic. Ford came out with a really neat replacement for the Ranger-crew cab 4×4 and diesels available-that they sell elsewhere. Nobody wants a small truck here they say. They need to fire their marketing team. A small crew cab 4×4 diesel that should get mid 30s mpg? Yeah, who’d want that?

No kidding. While I do love my extended cab/full bed, that’s because I’m frequently hauling a ton of hay at a time. A smaller secondary worktruck would be awesome, especially with good fuel efficiency.

My nephew and I figured out that you can put 52 bales on a 70 model 1/2 ton Chevy pickup-eight times. The ninth time, things go kind of bad. (blowout, fire, etc.) Interesting thing was, we drove slowly-expecting them to fall. When we went to unload, we backed up fast and hit the brakes. The entire stack slid about 4 inches back and not a single bale fell off.

I have no idea why, I just thought she would drive a blue car. At least, up until this point, that’s what I thought or would have if I actually had given thought to it. which I haven’t really. Wait why did I write this? Hiiiiii

White was the most popular color for cars in the US for the longest time. It was recently edged out by gray/silver.

All those folks living in the south where the sun makes the cars hot. Poor babies.

Actually, number one car color in America, by far, is white, and has been for some time. Which is really sad to me, because I HATE white cars. Not too long ago, everyone was making (in addition to white and black) gray, green, blue, purple, orange and every other color under the sun, and it looked great, seeing color at the dealerships. Now, when I drive by a new car lot, it’s a sea of white, gray/silver and black. Some “sports” cars are still available in red (like the Camaro that has two shades of red available, plus white, silver and black) but it is getting rare to see cars with color.

It’s pretty bad over here in Oz too, most cars are either white, gray, silver or some dark colour and the weirdest thing is that until about 12 years ago, black cars were uncommon, now they’re all over the placeand black is a hot colour, especially during summer where you can have heatwaves of 40C/104F+ days.

I had a dark (not black, just dark brown) car in Arizona. It was the icing on the cake to get me to move to a more temperate clime. Now that I am in Seattle/Tacoma and the rain, I wish I could find a nice forest green car, but color is so dang rare!

White is also the predominant color in most Arabian and many African countries, followed by silver/light gray and then light blue. Nothing else reflects the sun as well.

I don’t know if oblivious is the right title for this comic.

I mean, Carol is, but I certainly wouldn’t noticed if a small tan pixie with blue hair was hitting on me.

I think with how certain tones are exhibited by socially challenged people, her flirtatious remarks would only be negated by a lack of confidence, and therefore overlooked by socialites like Carol. Poor little chick makes her advances sound confusingly like normal conversational jibber-jabber.

Was your resolution to give all your fans cyber diabetes through their computers or phones, because if so then you’re on a good start.

I currently suck at drawing vehicles and guns.
I envy people with the ability to do so well, such as yourself.
Also cute tiny person is cute!
Her adorableness is beyond maxed out.
If cuteness was a sign of superior ability in strength/skill/superpowers she would accidentally destroy the world every time she took a step.

Aw, Brooksie, stop trying to kill people with your cuteness. I swear, her standards for people she’s attracted to are whether or not they are nice.

Also, Happy New Year Crave!

2014, Crave.
*party popper goes off*
Here’s hoping to luck in the new year, with all your endeavors and mine.

Uh… it helps if I actually proofread before posting…

That was supposed to say “I just want to know because I like to hope that there is actually a cool, cute, short person like her somewhere out there in the real world”.

@Shade, I think she has a taste for strong outgoing ladies as well. Is this strip foreshadowing a plot development for sweet little Brooksie in 2014?

I hope Brooksie gets knocked out of her shell and starts dating someone, like Jess. Being a lesbian wouldn’t be too hard to see her as, even with her slight interest in John. Maybe she’s bisexual…

If that’s a Ka, would that make the occupants a Ka-tet?

The Ford Ka for a car in the strip, I have to ask where this is set, because the Ka is not allowed on US roads. Being American, naturally I thought it was in America, and there hadn’t been any indicators before this to suggest otherwise. I read your “About” page and signals are mixed, because you say that Carol is a 36 or 38 G “in most American sizes” which hints at an American setting, but you also state American comics are hard to come by where you are, and my understanding is most people set their writing in an area they live in. The cast act like most American younger workers I know, but, like I said, the Ka does not exist in the US.

I thought the strip was somewhere in the midwest, like Kansas. Which doesn’t explain the hill that Brooksie spoke of in the strip. Having spent some time in Kansas last year, all I remember about it is huge, flat tracts of nothing interesting between towns.

Garden City, Kansas, upon which the setting is loosely based, has a few very steep inclines around town. I grew up at the bottom of one of them, so I walked uphill to school and downhill home. From the Target parking lot, on a clear day, you can see all the way out to the power plant, which is about another town away. That parking lot is more or less the highest point in town. Just behind that store are a series of apartments. You walk downhill to get to the mall, and uphill back.

I just based the look on the Ka. As far as I can tell it looks just like a ton of other cars I see driving around. Much like Thomas’s car it looks like one that exists, but isn’t. It’s a vague amalgam of cars I could draw at the time. Carol’s car is mostly a Ka, but it’s also a little bit of other cars I can draw, like the Focus. I can barely tell the two apart. As others have said, it also looks similar to the Fiestsa. So, whatever.

I like to think that the Ka is based out of a company in Boston, where that’s just how they say “car”. Also, I can kind of see why you wouldn’t be satisfied with this page. The characters seem a little… fuzzy, I suppose would be the term. The lines just seem a little blurry compared to the previous pages.
Additionally, just as a minor thought, wouldn’t a woman with Carol’s “endowments” have her seatbelt go between her bust, rather than over them? That just seems restrictive and not at all comfortable.
Love the comic, and I hope to see more of your work ever more throughout this new year!

My understanding is that the seatbelt thing is a personal choice. I wear my seatbelt over my moobs so that’s what I drew. Also, foa suppa I would like a pahtee plattah.

I’ve consulted with the Busty Girls Comics and it seems like despite it being a personal choice, the seatbelt might just get pushed above or below the bustline by the simple vibrations of the car, so it makes sense.
And I got your pahtee plattah right heeya, chowdahead.

Pahk the Ka in the Yahd neah Cape Caaaad. And my wife, a 40 DDD usually has the belt up over just like Carol has it here. More a matter of letting things settle where they may, than as a matter of choice.

Ha. When one of my cousins got married back in the early 1970s, they had the wedding in Bahstin (since both went to college there). The invitation said something to the effect of, “Pahk yah cah in Hahvahd Yahd” (“Park your car in Harvard Yard,” for the Brahmin-impaired).

Of course, Carol probably pahks her Ka in her apahtment laht. Or she would, if she came from Boston, which she doesn’t.

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