1352 A Bridge Too Fur.

If this is the text you see when the comic goes up I fell asleep trying to make a page for next week. My face is probably pressed into the keyboard.

Ah, I did nod off, but came to before I had to post. It was in a pile of laundry though and not on my keyboard.

Today I got blood drawn at the doctor’s. I don’t know what they want it for, but probably summoning demons. I’ve suspected it for a while. Anyway, after that I picked up my Sheik preorder. They also had some blind bag Walking Dead McFarland single packs from his terrible building set line. I wanted to try and get Daryl for the Teen, but only bought one pack. Damned if it wasn’t him. I have no idea what the odds against were, but she got her tiny Daryl. I don’t know if the whole series is crappy, but the Daryl figure wouldn’t stay together, so I glued it in place. I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the item as far as construction was concerned, but the actual sculpt was very good. Even at the itty bitty scale they use it was a good likeness of Norman Reedus.

Later on I found Metalbeard on clearance for $11. I really wanted him and that was a price you can’t beat. He’s regularly $30, and they are sure to discontinue the movie line soon. It’s also probably as close to a Nick Offerman figure as we’re likely to get so bonus there. Right now the only main cast figures I need are Bad Cop, so maybe they’ll clear out one of his sets at some point. I found Lord Business’s Lair on clearance for $20 a while back, which is down from $70 or something. So I have his parents…

If you saw my posts about the Nami figures on twitter here’s a funny story that will sound familiar. The one from Unlimited Cruise usually comes in an orange and blue color, but there’s a white variant. The specials are blind boxed so even the seller didn’t know what he was selling. I actually wanted the standard version, but the variant came in the mail. Which is fine, it was $2 so it was a total steal. The special usually sells for $30. It’s a credit to the seller that he didn’t try to switch it out because he shipped the whole set I got sans boxes to save on shipping. So he saw what got away from him before he shipped. This is the second time I’ve gotten the rare while trying to buy the regular version of something. If that all sounds like sort of a weird complaint it sort of is, but a very small one. In both cases the outfit was adorable in both colors. They just weren’t what I expected.

I also tried to use another Nintendo zone location that wouldn’t work. I don’t know what the deal is with them. I got street passes, but the zone gift for Animal Crossing still won’t work. It’s a puzzlement.


The true Reggie begins to show… Come on John, I’m rooting fur you.

I think that wearing fursuits as a fetish–much like dropping a load on your intimate partner–is an extremely odd phenomenon to me. I don’t blame Reggie for acting off-put about this.

You know, some people can predict the weather. Others have an affinity with animals. You Jackie, you are some kind of Blind Bag magician. Any figure you’re looking for you get.

Methinks Reggie doth protest too much. He’s one to talk about fetishes. I think he’s got a ‘Barbie’ with a Nina get-up and a ‘Teresa’ dressed up as Brooksie, hidden under his bed.

Full up cos-play can be a surprise to those who are not familiar with it. Reggie is obviously not familiar with the art, therefore he responds as only he can, deriding that which makes him uncomfortable. If the outfit was presented as a school mascot though I’d be willing to bet that he’d be taking it much better.

It does make me wonder though just how much interaction he has with his sister on a human level.

I’m entirely with Reggie on this one.

Furries are f***in’ weird.

There is a sad irony to be had here. Not all furries dress up in cosplay, and in many cases, more people are furries without really knowing. If you grew up with either the Mouse or the Bunny (you know who), you are at the absolute base a furry. But you bknow who the biggest group of cosplayers are?

Sports fans. C’mon, A giant block of cheese?

“If you grew up with either the Mouse or the Bunny (you know who), you are at the absolute base a furry.”

Please don’t project that onto people, it’s pretty offensive to tell someone that you know more about what they are than they do.

Mind, “fucking weird” is potentially more offensive still. It’s alright to be initially put off by something, and it’s okay to think something is weird even after you’ve had time to come to terms with it – but there’s a whole lot of ground between “huh you guys are weird, I don’t get it, have fun though” and “you guys are weird and not worth trying to understand.”

Also, though I’m not involved with either “group” really, I think there’s also a lot of ground between furry and cosplayer. I’m pretty sure the typical cosplayer just dresses up as a character they like from a thing for a convention, which is I think substantially different from dressing up as a character you invented that you personally identify with/as. Perhaps there are actually lots of furries without that ‘fursona’ element though? Educate me!

The term “furry” can mean a myriad of things, and they all tend to be lumped together when referred to as a group.

People who like anthropomorphic animal art.
People who “like” anthropomorphic animal art.
People who like to dress up in animal costumes.
People who “like” to dress up in animal costumes.
People who identify with traits associated with various animals.
People who feel like an animal/creature in a human body.

I’m sure there’s more, and I horribly misrepresented some of the ones I mentioned.

I think the animal in people bodies are called otherkin, and even furries, generally, have a hard time accepting them. Even withing the outliers there are outliers.

From wikifur, does a better job of classifying:

Below is a list of common interests with which a fur is likely to identify. A furry may be interested in any or all of them, to any degree.

Cartoons and games
Interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or creatures can be as simple as the many popular furry cartoon characters, known as funny animals. These may include Bugs Bunny, Tony the Tiger, Sly Cooper, Star Fox, etc. However, someone who merely happens to like these characters is not necessarily a furry; the degree and nature of one’s interest is relevant here.

Some furs believe they have a spiritual connection to a particular animal which is typically their fursona, but also may be a totem. Strong spiritual believers may often say that they are “an animal in a human body” (and in fact may identify themselves as otherkin, weres and/or therians which are their own categories and not linked to the furry fandom just by interest). Some join and find the furry fandom to be a place to be themselves, as most of these groups are underground and the furry fandom is more open to the world. However, not all therians have their theriotype as their fursona.

Art and creativity
Some furs may be interested only in the creative aspects of the furry fandom. Furry content, both online and off, is easy to obtain, and available in vast amounts, and furs produce new works regularly. Furry artwork is also done by many nonfurries as well in targeting the fandom. Others may disassociate themselves from the fandom and refer to themselves as funny animal artists. Furries may also enjoy role-playing a particular furry character or fursona, sometimes writing about this character or recording their online interactions for posterity.

Some furries enjoy the practice of dressing up in a costume that is typically designed after a fursona.[2] These “fursuits” are usually worn at conventions, and a few are even designed to accommodate sexual situations. Some furries opt to wear a “partial” suit, consisting of a head, tail, and paws, instead of a full fursuit; others may just wear a tail or various other pieces. While only a minority (about 15-20%) consider themselves fursuiters, they tend to be highly visible at events where many furries are present.[3]

To some furs, the sexual attraction to anthropomorphic animals is a part of what makes them furry. This is a topic of much controversy, as it has been the subject of early media attention (such as that from Wired Magazine and Vanity Fair), leading to its becoming a common stereotype of the furry community at large. This has spawned a few groups in response (such as the Burned Furs) with a desire to discourage this angle, or create a clear distinction between these furries and the rest of the community.

I’d probably put them as equally weird as people who roll around in grey paint and proceed to make out in the middle of a hotel lobby (you know who you are…)

I’d probably put them as equally weird as people who roll around in green and yellow paint and wear cheese on their heads (somehow this is widely acceptable as normal behavior for some reason).

Ok…Vickie is just too adorable! And I’m a fan of adorable neurotics!

Please let her be a regular from now on!

The truth usually comes out though. Thankfully Reggie’s a little distracted at the moment with his family issues.

John should tell Reggie, stop being a douchenozzle, so what it’s not something he likes, it’s not as though it’s hurting him.

I wonder how much of that is Reggie’s prejudice and how much is his instinctive knowledge that it’s actually his sister.

Just read everything up to now. The common life novel was never my kind of story, but this comic is so well developed I had to keep reading! I like the human touches of putting flaws on each character, if close enough.

Gratz for the art as well, very sweet to eyes!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.

Just wanted to say that I think this is the first- if not only- non-furry webcomic that didn’t instantly go down the “sexually depraved weirdos” path upon introducing the idea.

Not that the furry fandom isn’t full of them, but it’s still a welcome change from an over-used stereotype.

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