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Well, I feel less shitty than I did yesterday, although that’s not saying much. My allergies are frickin terrible but I don’t know why they suddenly got so much worse. The house is far lest dusty than ever before, my room is clean, my blankets are clean. It practically seems random at this point. It’s so irritating not being able to find the mysterious source of my allergy symptoms. My left eye in particular is all crusty. I’m on the verge of putting in the eyedrops that give me terrible headaches at this point. Usually the cold puts down the dust, but I dunno what the deal is this year.


Could be mold in the walls.

Mold can’t survive out here even in winter. It’s too dry.

If you run a heater or air conditioner in the winter fuck yes you can get mold. It can also get into your shower. It’s not a solid tub usually and your writing style suggests a man with size due to the notablly advanced introspective abilities our condition affords. My mother and I ran a repair business, no shit shes a carpenter in Michigan and mold happens in winter. Our houses are perfect for it. You should probably have someone take a look. Big fan!

I had crusty eyes overnight for years. It started suddenly when I slept in a strange bed near a catbox. Then I scratched up my face (faceplant into an icy snowbank), and put a fair amount of triple antibiotic ointment on and near my eyelids for several days straight. The crusty eyes stopped and never returned.

I lived with a girl who for a couple of months looked after her mum’s horrible cat (although it was their beloved family pet). It used to cuddle up on her pillow during the night with its face against hers, and if I rolled over in bed my face would come into contact with its arse.

She refused to shut it out the bedroom because she liked waking up with the cats face against hers. And I never got any sympathy for inadvertently ending up with my nose up its bum.
I was ill constantly during those months which I’m pretty sure was due to catbumface

Wow, gotta say it, you really blew it out of the park today with the art, Thomas in particular! I really dig the way you drew his hair, and the bodily expressions are top notch, specially the eyes. This strip was particularly pleasing to the eye. Thank you for that.

I drew this at 7Am after coming home from Thanksgiving, on 4 hours of sleep from the day before. By what means I managed to draw this is beyond me. By rights I should have been totally useless, but I was wide awake and feeling really jittery about getting sick and missing the posting time. Then I was confused over what day it was an posted it early… I’m glad you liked the effort.

You consider getting some kind of air purifier? My allergies in the spring are “Kill me yesterday!!” awful but once I got one, I felt MUCH better. Still kinda runny nose and slightly itchy eyes, but comparing that to blocked airways and near blindness? It was near ignorable (yes, it’s a word. I made it a word!). Might be something to consider (or upgrade if you have one).

This may be an old question and I know that you aren’t exactly covered up with cash but have you ever been tested to find out what your specific allergies are? Sometimes you get that one random allergy that most people never have but you do. It might be a good investment..

“Usually the cold puts down the dust, but I dunno what the deal is this year. ”

Must be that Global Warming…. :-/

I’m one of the most competent people on the workforce, and I still get shit from every front. Granted it probably stems from being one of the least amicable people, but I’m content in not being friends with every shithead I encounter. Most people are just not worth the time.

“People be comin here all day defending Star Wars like I don’t know the deep magics. 42 years of every excuse for plot holes have I heard.”

Hate to quote a Tweet here but Star Wars was never meant to be an exercise in tight storytelling. George Lucas wanted to create a fun sci-fi movie and that’s pretty much what he did. Giving him shit for all the plot inconsistencies is completely missing the point.

Besides, people seem to forget that if Star Wars hadn’t been the success that it was, sci-fi as a legit movie genre would’ve been dead. The mere fact that we can still have sci-fi movies in this day and age is a legit credit to Lucas’ perserverance in carrying out his dream. For that reason, George Lucas doesn’t owe US, WE owe HIM!

We actually owe his first wife more than him if that’s the hill you want to die on.

Marcia Lucas’ editing skills and prime source of consultation for George was a major factor in the success of the original trilogy so yes, we do owe her but the idea to do the film in the first place belongs to George so we also owe him. It’s not about dying on hills, it’s about acknowledging what became in an industry that didn’t want anything more.

I don’t even know what point you’re trying to make. You seem to be arguing against one I didn’t make. All that tweet says is that whenever I say anything critical about Star Wars IN ANY CAPACITY people come around like I didn’t live through the whole fucking ride. I know what a T-16 Skyhopper is. I know the name of the white uniformed dude in the meeting room in Star Wars. I know what 4-LOM stands for. All of this ridiculous trivia is in my head, but I can still enjoy the whole things while simultaneously pointing and laughing at it all.

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