1933 Almost.

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For Thomas relentlessly messing with John is how he shows affection for him. In spite of feigning aggravation I’m sure John knows that. Having each other makes work much less boring.

Microsoft sent me a bunch of emails about the various sales they has on Surfaces this weekend. My current one isn’t failing or anything, but I can’t pretend I don’t want to upgrade. Clip Studio is not very resource demanding, so I’ve never had a problem running it. Still, there’s always that part of my mind that wants better tools, even though I hardly tax the ones I have already. This thing has always had a problem with overheating but I manage it easily with a fan. It would be nice to have a top of the line Surface though.


I’m just guessing, but:
I guess that John + Thomas’ work relationship is kinda like Evrina’s + Ramon’s relationship-
There’s a big amount of good-natured sniping going on, but it would be deadly boring, and almost painful, if one of them had to run the shop alone.

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