1353 Evrina.

First of all I want to bring you blog reader’s attention to this:
Between Failures comic dub
I don’t know if any of you want to get involved. I’m not part of it other than being the creator of the series. The dude linked the facebook group and I thought it would be fun to see what happened.

And here she is, the much talked about Evrina. If any of you have seen her furry counterpart in any of my extra comics you’ll see they share a terrible personality. Basically she is the Reggie of the library group. So she and Reggie will probably get along great. As you all know people always get along with people who are similar to them… I had a hard time deciding on her skin tone because I try to stick to web only colors. I wanted her to be lighter than Neil and Maddison, but eventually went with that tone because all the others made her look sick to my eye. Anyway, she’s about Ed’s height. Maybe even a little smaller, but certainly not petite. Whatever she lacks in stature she makes up for in being irritating.

I’m finally ready to start work on my reciprocation presents for the various people who helped me with various things from December of last year to now. I’m not sure what form they will take, but I am caught up with all the old business I had, as far as I know.

I just started playing around with minecarts in Minecraft, although mainly I’ve used them as transportation between my outposts above ground. In my main save there doesn’t appear to be any villages or horses. I don’t know why that is. I assumed that all games have them, but as far as I know this save doesn’t. I think I’ve traveled the entire overworld now, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe an experienced player can tell me if that’s normal. I did find a well, but there was no settlement around. I also found diamond horse armor… but have never seen a horse so that’s odd.
I found a monster generator and constructed a kill chamber around it. It makes skeletons so I set it up so I can whack their feet till they die but they can’t shoot me. Well, it’s hard for them to at any rate. Every so often one gets a shot in.
I’ve found almost no diamond in this game. Compared to saves on the Teen’s PS3 where I have found handfuls of them in the first few minutes. I took the seed of that game to my system but it doesn’t seem to have copied the world. There are lots of villages and horses though. If I get sick of my empty world I can play in that one. I haven’t seen a golem protecting the villagers though. I thought they were a thing but maybe the console versions don’t have them.
Anyway I haven’t been able to play for a few days so I’m going to try and play tonight. Hopefully no disasters will arise to stop me.


Reggie has had some growth experiences lately and now he has an opportunity to really look good by being in the presence of someone I can’t help but hate more than him. Shiny by comparison and she managed to show up before he managed to shove both feet down his own throat.

I heard her as voiced by Bitch Pudding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoEnvMvkkJE This is a Robot Chicken clip of just about everything they could get away with word vomit wise so don’t follow it unless your sense of humor has a cast iron stomach. (of course there are those among you who will think it laughable I thought to warn you about something this tame. Takes all kinds. ;) ) Cept so far this gal is much more polite but the conversation is young.

Ah geez, and Reggie was behaving so well too. Any bets how long till he goes off? 10 comics? 12? Or how long it will take him to say something about how creepy his sisters suit is?

Actually, I think he’s doing fine. She is clearly provoking them, and is probably the type to just pounce on weakness. He stood his ground without being crass or even inapropiate. I think he’ll do fine. I’m really loving the growth of his character. He’s the villain you really want to see become the good guy.

No, don’t you all see? She’ll be worse than Reggie, he’ll jump to defend his kinda-friends and not-close-to-family, for within that douchebag there lies a slightly smaller douchebag that has some level of loyalty and morality… Please don’t let Reggie start hanging out with her I already hate her.

Can anyone else see Evrina outing Victoria once she puts Boothe and Boothe together? She seems like the kind of person who would mearly out of spite and to rustle some jimmies.

I wounder what Evrina walked away from to come to the meeting and chase the new blood away?

My guess on her real motive is she fears losing her power as one of the founders of the club.

She likes being a big fish in a small pond, and new members undermine her abusive hold on seniority. They’re unknowns she hasn’t browbeaten into submission. Better to kick them to the curb unless they infect the old guard with toxic ideas, like self respect.


She’s the sort that gets high when given even the slightest iota of power. Those sorts NEVER get along for very long, if at all.

Okay, got it; she’s Evrina only because Evil-Lyn was already taken by Masters of the Universe. She’s got two chips on her shoulders cleverly disguised as boobs. Her surly attitude developed (before she did) in school because she was the little shrimp the other kids liked to push around. She just looks wicked, with the cat’s eyes, evil eyebrows, bad-brownie haircut and the permanent sneer. Built to be a bee-yotch.

Incidentally, or perhaps intentionally, Evrina is the name of a nasty little pocket knife made by Spyderco (not that I collect knives or anything).

About your Minecraft questions:

Horses are a somewhat rare spawn in Plains and Savanna biomes. The good thing is that usually if you find one, you find a herd. Donkeys are found in the same places, if those interest you at all. The overworld basically keeps regenerating unless you have a mod in installed, so it’s very unlikely that you’ve explored it all. If your barriers are oceans, then boats are helpful. Diamonds are found only on Y levels of 14 and under. It’s kind of rare to find them in caves, strip mining is usually better. I don’t know the differences in the console version, I have only played PC. Diamonds can also be found in chests next to monster spawners, and chests in mineshafts. Speaking of those chests, they are the only place to find saddles, which are neccessary to ride horses.

I hope this helps!

I forgot to address villages. Villages can be found in just about any biome, but most often in plains and deserts. They are about as common as horses, maybe a little less. It is usually easy to find both if you like to explore like I do. My main concern would be why you think that you’ve explored the entire overworld…is your main save on the PC or a console?

Console. I’ve walked the entire edge of the world.

Consoles restrict the size of the map to the edges of the largest craftable map on the pc version.

Also, seeds function a bit differently from Pc to console, so it’s likely the worlds aren’t the same. You can actually build a village if you really want to spend the time, but often enough it’s just better to sack the world and reload.

This seed here should load you a world with at least four, if not five villages (I’ve used it on ps3 and pc and it’s pretty solid.) (-991745245) without the () around it. Both times I’ve loaded it its a mainly desert biome with snowy mountains too. And, as I said, lots of villages.

Ah, I see. I have played only on my PC, and the world is practically limitless. If you can’t find something, just keep on walking. I did not know that the console versions are so small, but it does make sense now that I think about it.

The overworld in any minecraft seed is going to be approximately the surface area of JUPITER, so I seriously doubt that you have explored it all. Or even a tiny fraction of it.

As for villages, they spawn fairly rarely, and only in certain biomes, so you probably were just kind of unlucky. However, if you really want a village, you can convert zombie villagers into normal villagers, and then build additional homes and breed them. This requires alchemy though, so if you don’t have any blaze rods this isn’t really viable.

I forgot to ask.

“If any of you have seen her furry counterpart in any of my extra comics you’ll see they share a terrible personality.”

Does anyone have any links to these mentioned appearances of Evrina’s fursona?

I too would like to know where these comics are, if they are on the patreon I’d probably join to see them if they exist.

Well, she got the junk in the trunk. So far, your group isnt stereotypically all unattractive males for furries. I guess you could give her points for being progressive?

Honestly, even if Reggie was still a total douche, they wouldn’t like each other. Mean-spirited people like people who like them despite their mean-spiritedness.

A comic dub huh? Never been a fan of those. It always seems like that thing that didn’t need to be done that got done half-assed anyway… BUT whatever. Not like it’s going to hurt the comic any.

Also watching Vicky and Reggie like that is like watching two rams preparing to headbutt each other to death. Only the rams are wearing cat ears.

Suddenly I feel strangely protective of Reggie. And possessed with the intense urge to light this woman on fire. That’s odd. I think Reggie could use some comeuppance usually….

That’s just the natural response when dealing with that type.

Yes, I know that sounds pretty harsh. But there are those people who just have personalities that make you just want to punch them in the throat after dealing with them for 5 minutes. If you disagree, you just haven’t met someone like that yet.

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