1608 Gaaaaay!

Bleep bloop. Went to the doctor today. Had my blood drawn off again. Apparently I’m doing okay all things considered but I need to cut back on stuff I was already cutting back on. I don’t feel like I’m doing better really, but whatever. My left hand is hurt enough that it was slightly swollen and sore. Don’t know what’s wrong with it but maybe it could be anything that makes your hand do that you can think of. The doctor wasn’t concerned at all so I guess I won’t be either. Maybe I’ll get one of those glove things people wear. In any case it hurts a lot so hopefully I can find something to fix it.

They got my blood really fast today. Way faster than usual and a lot of it. I guess that’s a good sign. Like I said it doesn’t feel that way but maybe I’m just sore from other stuff and once that’s over I’ll be better than before by a significant amount and I’ll be able to tell.


My appreciation of Jo’s hoodie has driven me to become a patron. Next you should start selling those hoodies!

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