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I watched all the family guy on Netflix. It gets really mean spirited the further along it goes. Now I guess I’m going to watch American Dad. Because… I don’t know, maybe deep down I hate myself and this feels like punishment? Seriously though, of the various McFarlandverse shows I think the Cleveland Show actually had the most heart. Or maybe it was just easier to take because not every fucking voice was McFarlane.

I also watched a lot of shows about murder. I’m not sure what the tipping point is as far as mental health vs murder shows goes, but I think I got pretty fucking close.

I was trying to get original StarCraft onto my surface, but I couldn’t get the disc image thing to work. I also couldn’t find the expansion disc, which I know I have someplace. I need to just break down and get a USB disc drive so I don’t have to do a bunch of crap just to install things onto this fancy sheet of paper I work on.

I really wanted to make some more of those Halloween pics but couldn’t find the time. Maybe i’ll just make them til December because thanksgiving sucks anyway…


… dude, if you have a legit copy of Starcraft, you can just download the game installer from Battle.net after making an account and registering your key. At least if your Surface runs Windows. Does it? Tablets hurt my soul.

You can also get a copy of the Starcraft CD ISO and download alcohol 120 or DaemonTools, both of which are software that virtually emulate CD drives and run files as though they were on a CD.

If you need a CD key, let me know, I have an old one you can use.

I can’t deal with the McFarlane shows… unless it’s a Stewie episode… or a Roger episode… and I guess I used to watch the Cleveland show more than the others… but he had a German bear for a neighbor! I mean, come on! How do I pass that up?

I agree that Family Guy has gotten too mean-spirited. I feel as though Seth has become more and more willing to sacrifice character for the sake of jokes or plot points, and as a result Peter and Lois seem to get more and more morally bankrupt.

Perhaps the reason Stewie and Brian episodes seem to work so well is because both of them have had questionable morals from early on; Brian struggles between his animal urges and his intelligence frequently, and Stewie fancies himself a supervillain despite having a few soft spots. They’re also arguably the two smartest characters in the main cast, and are written with more complexity.

I tell you, if McFarlane killed off the entire Family Guy cast except for Brian and Stewie and gave them their own show… I think it might do fairly well.

Frankly, my own belief is that Family Guy was cancelled early, but in the end, it should have stayed cancelled. It seems Mcfarlane learned all the wrong lessons from it. It seems that guys with the last name Mcfarlane end up with insufferably large egos (perhaps its just me).

Plus…A cookie if you know what other Mcfarlane I’m speaking of.

MacFarlane need to end family guy and American Dad, reunite with butch heartman and start on a new Johnny bravo series. Who’s with me?

Wait, *he’s* behind Johnny Bravo? Does not compute. Did he forget how to be funny or something?

Farlane produced the 1st season. The show was aimed mainly at kids (the dirty jokes for older viewers were subtle), so maybe he needed to show some restraint and had to be more creative to compensate.

He didn’t need to show restraint – with a couple of corporate lawyers perched behind him watching hungrily for the first sign of weakness, all the while eying his femurs. [joke – or maybe not]

I agree with you on family guy. It’s like watching a comedian who was hurt deeply by his parents for most of his childhood. He starts his act lighthearted and funny, but the longer the act goes on, the more angry and degrading the jokes get, until suddenly there’s nothing but a rambling man on stage yelling.

As someone else mentioned, you can enter your Starcraft and Brood War CD keys in on battle.net and get up to date downloadable clients. Alternately you can buy “Starcraft Anthology” off battle.net which is basically the online equivalent of the old Starcraft Battle Chest. Either way, no fiddling with disc images or Installers that probably won’t work on Win 10.

I ended up loading them in a virtual machine with an older Windows. I keep a number of my old games there, because it’s easily fast enough and there’s no fiddly compatibility issues.

BF finished the month 97th on TopWebComics \o/
and 10th of Real Life category

It’s tough competition to get to the first page, but I feel it’s got to help visibility, so I make sure to vote daily from every location I have access to. Plus it’s pointed me to a couple other comics I might want to follow, so that’s a bonus as well.

I lost interest in family guy many years ago. It was sickly mean and gross even back then. All the barfing and bloody violence and picking on women. American dad I cord take with all the gross things about the alien and it’s overly baked homosexuality. No gay phobia here, but it was just too sick to watch. Give us back Futurama any day.

I even try to avoid FG and AD clips on YouTube as it’s just the same old sickness.

Ok, so Thomas is wearing Number 6’s jacket from the show The Prisoner!! I don’t care if he isn’t, really. It’s a great reference and I’m standing by it.

Call me crazy, but about the only fg episode I truly find hilarious is the one where Stevie is a bookie, and Brian won’t pay up. Always makes me laugh…

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