683 Right There.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s neat that these two get along.  Even if their relationship is clearly not one of equals, at least from Thomas’ point of view.

I had a dream that was in two parts the other night.  The first part none of you would get if I tried to explain, so I won’t try, but it lead in to the second part that consisted primarily of a gameshow.  The premise was like this:  there’s a board with lots of picture tiles on it.  You have to slide pictures around and try to connect images with one another by way of trivia.  Like if there was a picture of President Obama you might try to slide it next to a picture of a map of Kansas, since his mother is from there.  Then you might slide an image of Bob Dole next to that, and maybe an airplane to another side.  The idea being that you connect as many pictures on the board to each other by way of facts as you can.  you get points for as many as you can string together.  It wasn’t too hard to slide tiles around because there were more than one empty slot, so it wasn’t like one of those traditional sliding tile puzzles.  Anyway, if you could explain all the connections and they could be verified they were removed from the board and you got the points.  If you had a factual inaccuracy the link from that point on would be broken and you wouldn’t get those points, but the next contestant could start with your unused string of correct connections.  It was a neat game to play, but very complex in some ways.


See? That right there. That’s a game I’d really like to play.
How bout we look at making a version of it in flash or something? :)

It would be way to complex to make all valid connections through Flash.
You cannot have the person explain their answer and you can’t assume that you will know all of the connections for a given image, especially an image like an airplane.

I do think it could be done via Google or something similar though. It could kind of work like yahoo answers only there would be people that are verifiers and people that are playing for points. Maybe a daily competition and being a verifier for a previous game is the entry fee for being a contestant. It really does seem like a fun game.

I’m loving the interaction between these two. It’s fun t o watch Thomas attempt to “school ” Reggie. He understand Reggie’s thought process so well and it maybe Thomas taking the time to bestow some knowledge on Reggie shows he’s not a lost cause after all.

A center of cognitive dissonance! Wow! That rocks! Did he even catch that? Yes, Reggie, Why would you want to do the right thing? After all the world revolves around your aunt and if you can just tip her axis a little bit you can make it revolve around you two! Ha! It is so much funnier when you aren’t the one doing the explaining. I am really feeling for Thomas. I have attempted to explain similar things to similar to reggie people.

Do you watch “Masterpiece Mystery” on PBS? I am asking because they had an episode of “Inspecter Lewis” where someone was murdered at a game quiz weekend where the game consisted of saying two things/people (sometimes it was a person and a place) and linking them together in a similar fashion.

HAHAH! I love it. It’s funny, there’s a guy at my work that looks very similar to Reggie, but sadly he doesn’t act like him. There would never be a boring day at least.

What’s really interesting is that Thomas is bothering to try to penetrate Reggie’s self-absorption. Most people would write off his obdurate monomania and simply try to avoid him.

Clearly Reggie’s world rests on his worldview. Reggie cant change his worldview without his world collapsing.

It takes a certain arrogance –on Thomas’ part– to undertake breaking down and rebuilding someone else. I knew someone like that and when I consider my own fallibility, I wonder where they get it from.

Unfortunately, while sounding pretty fun, there probably won’t be any possible way to implement such a game idea as a family board game. It could probably done for consoles or computers. It certainly could be done as TV show and honestly sounds way better than some game shows actually running right now! I’d watch it, that much I can say.

Okay, you need to find some major financial backing and make that game show. Although, like another, I did catch that episode of Masterpiece Theater, and do remember the old Alumni vs. the Oxford kids with a simpler version of the idea. Theirs was textual/aural, your idea being visual definitely takes it to the next level, and that’s what any good TV game show does, not like the TV version of You Don’t Know Jack!

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