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My face feels super greasy today. I don’t know what it is about the conditions of this day that are different than yesterday but I really dislike the feeling. I always bathe more than they say you should because my skin has always been very greasy. I can put on the harshest soaps or whatever and my skin remains moist, except on the heels on my feet. For years I used this special ultra cleansing shampoo, that was supposed to be for cleaning hair with lots of product in it, like regular shampoo because it was the only stuff that made me feel clean but also didn’t make my scalp beak out. Now I use charcoal soap and it works well and costs very little. It still cannot stop my relentless moistness though. After a few hours I’m back to making napkins transparent just by passing near them.

My body is slowly working its way back to wanting to sleep in the daylight again. My wake up time is slowly shifting as my sleep time gets a little later day by day. It feels much more normal to me so I feel less anxious in a general sense. Little victories, I guess.

As always, links above if you want to ensure more comics will appear every M-W-F. Stay safe out there. Wear a condom all the time if you feel like it will help. On any part you feel needs reenforcing. I hope to see you here on Friday free of STDs. If you’ve already failed that quest then I hope to see you here Friday just a little further away from everyone else. Until then, peace be unto you.


I’m pretty sure the only thing that sobers is time. Or is she going for mind clarity here?

Gonna weigh in since it’s tangental to my actual field:

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is widely known, where .08 is considered impaired enough to drive. The body itself metabolizes alcohol via an enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) at roughly .015, so, at .08, you need 6 hours to return to full sobriety. While medications, metabolisms, etcetera can speed up or slow down this process, it’s mostly moot in the grand visage of time.

As Alcohol is absorbed through the intestinal lining (unlike water and a few other things that bypass from the stomach directly), eating ahead of time causes the body to slow the progress through which the valve lets the alcohol in. Drinking plenty of water also causes a diuretic effect, which can also help speed up the liver’s expulsion through the skin and other factors (like sweat).

Ultimately, no amount of coffee, exercise, cold showers, or stimulants will reduce the alcohol in the system – however, they will make a person “feel” more alert. This does not reduce their intoxication, and in some cases, only emphasizes their own poor inhibition responses. Sleep works best due to the lack of other actions (such as drinking), but in the end, the rate of drinking and pro-reactive response of the imbiber is the hard and fast detail of how it goes down.

Since someone suggested a blood transfusion: No, that won’t really help without blood letting, and apheresis technically focuses more on returning your serum back to you (which is where the nutrients are). In reality, the chemicals required to neutralize it in such a technique would be cost-prohibitive, when a stomach pumping would be quicker, easier, and cheaper (especially with time as a factor).

TL,DR: There is no magic bullet to sober up, only minor padding in drinking water and eating ahead of time to slow the effect down.

Source: Worked in ER for 10 years.

Stimulants such as caffeine may increase energy levels, but don’t leave the mind much clearer. A drunk plus lots of coffee just gets you a wide awake drunk. You’re right, as Warbles explained in more detail, time is the only real cure. Well, time and not drinking any more…

A lot of English people say: [a full, English breakfast] can cure a hangover. YMMV.

I favor black coffee with a dash of Tabasco sauce. Doesn’t actually get rid of the hangover but it’s an interesting distraction.
Truth is, a hangover is a lot like intoxication. The only real cure is time, although some things can at least reduce the symptoms. The best cure is prevention. The most obvious way is to drink moderately or not at all. If you insist on drinking heavily, I find that good hydration helps. Alternate alcoholic beverages with water or other non-alcohol drinks. Despite my unhealthy drinking habits, I haven’t had more than the mildest of hangovers in years. YMMV.

Once, my Mom gave me some vitamin B for a hangover, it seemed to work. I’ve also found that eating can help to feel better as long as you are done with vomiting and can power through the first few bites. An old friend insisted that for hangovers, the greasier the better, he was all about cheese steaks and meaty as hell calzones for hangovers. Any benefit from those things may be in one’s head, but hydration definitely helps.

A full English does Rock. But I’m not sure it can cure a hangover

Drat it. :D
I still like them, however.
On a related note: Other UK nations’ cooks have [rival breakfasts?], to rival the full English breakfast.
Those are things like: the full Scottish breakfast, the full Welsh breakfast, the full Irish breakfast, and things like that.

A pickled egg with mayonnaise will cure you, as the video games have taught me.

(The best prevention hands-down is drinking a glass or two of water before you go to bed.)

Regardless of result, the effort shows how high Nina is Evrina’s esteem. Much like Reggie, the more we see of Evrina the more relatable and understandable she becomes. Well done, Jackie. Well done indeed.

I’m worried about what Evrina is preparing. Mayhem to ensue, hm? Alos funny is the apron allowing her to work on food prep without getting schmutz on her ….outfit.

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