I am sure that last comment is an insult to everyone who competes in those Olympics… Perhaps it would be better like “would be like a normal guy sneaking in and getting a gold at the special Olympics”… or perhaps “is like managing 3 people, all on vacation”…

It’s implied that he means *him* taking gold in the special Olympics. Extending out the explanation would A.) Be pointless word salad. B.) Be trying to appease the “politically correct” which would be completely out of character for Thomas.

Anyone who is offended by this… clearly has not been reading for the past 192 pages. I’m also going to give a protip. If you were offended by this you should stop reading right now because Thomas is going to say MUCH WORSE things later on. Because his character is a “Cynical Jackass” and they care very little for being polite to people.

“I mean I could, but then the police would catch me, and I would have to give it back to the guy and apologize.”

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