One of the things I hate most about fiction is that the characters are usually eternal.
In and of this page, they will forever be 26 …
When I first read this page, I was 25.
Now I am 30… and they are still 26.
THAT… I hate.

well youngster, a bit of advice from an ancient – if you start allowing yourself to think you are too old or its too late, then it will always have been, and always will be …

… honestly not sure if I’m being profound, pedantic or pathetic … or why I keep finding myself comment on this strip in the early hours of the morning (other than it being great, of course)

Well, I only just started reading the comic last week, but my understanding is that all these past 192 strips have taken place in the course of a SINGLE day that (at this point) has yet to end. Given that, it makes sense to me that it has still been less than year by whatever point of the comic you reached when you made this comment.

I truly adore this comic, and it’s my third time through, but this page always made me feel so self conscious about my age… in two months, after years reading this comic, I’ll finally be older than Thomas… crazy shit.

I’m ten plus years older than Thomas now. When I started I wa almost the same age. He lives on while I slowly die.

If it helps at all, when I started reading I was 20+ years older than Thomas.

And in pretty much the same situation.

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