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Oh man, here we are again. Another Sunday turning into Monday. What information is worthy of sharing tonight? There are cows out behind the house and I’m not sure if it’s related but my allergies are bothering me more over the last couple of days. They’ve only been up to the fence a few times though and I don’t think the wind would be blowing their dander around that much. If it were a field full of corn, or something that would be different. I guess it’s just coincidence. I can smell them sometimes though. I think they only came to the yard to see what was barking at them. Sister and Precious were very concerned about them at first. Now they have acclimated to cows wandering around again.

I guess I don’t have anything of note to write down so I’ll just sign off. As always, the support links are right up there. Be sure to be vigilant when you are out in this dangerous world. I would be sad if you didn’t return to me on Wednesday. Until then, fling the fling flang flong.


You’re over here writing great comics and trying to figure out what to say in the blog.

I’m over here like “Jackie got cows?”

They aren’t my cows. Out behind where I live is farmland. Sometimes they run cattle to graze on it. Sometimes they plant it.

Ok! That was my second guess but I was also kinda hoping your farmland neighbors weren’t just letting their cows do whatever. I know it’s hard to keep cows wrangled though, and technically if it’s theirs they can use it.

But my uncle was always careful to keep his cows, at the very least at night, closer to his house to not bug the neighbors.

Cow troubles? I find your plight very mooving.

Cow troubles seem like a fine trouble to have, all things considered lol. I love how you’ve written tipsy Nina so much. Happy drunks are so fun to meet in real life, it’s such a treat ^-^

Neighbor has a donkey in with his cows across the road. (They will keep coyotes away from calves) Our dog tolerates the cows okay, but she HATES that donkey.

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