2248 Layer Upon Layer.

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I got a little fancy with that last panel. Stuff like that used to stress me out, but I kind of feel like I was overthinking things. A suggestion of what you want to show is usually enough to get your intention across. I used to do low angles a lot more but the move to color made me only use them when I absolutely could make the background work. Keeping a schedule means I have to carefully decide what I need to spend time on and sometimes the only ting I can do fast enough is an easy yet visually tedious image. Especially if the scene goes back to that position over and over. The realities of production influence the art as much as creativity.


A: Maybe they both knew Ronald Meyers…

J: It’s too bad you can’t ask him.

A: Oh, that’s fine, I have [Speak with Dead].

In one of my rpg sessions one of the characters could speak with the dead – too bad he couldn’t force them to answer or cooperate or talk the truth. :D

Well, it’s only useful with certain DMs. I’ve had a couple that wouldn’t even let us get info out of dead characters on our side because they were “too traumatized by dying,” and others who would give away all the backstory or intrigue from bad guys. It takes a balanced approach, I’ve found.

I just made them as cooperative and knowlegable as they where when alife. So they were dead pirates and she was part of the group who killed them. Bartering would have helped but nobody thought of that.

I got a little fancy with that last panel.

I noticed, especially the angle towards Alex’s head. Makes her seem…ominous and powerful. Not stroking-a-white-cat-in-her-lap ominous and powerful (yet).

I don’t presume to jump the gun on Jackie, but when I picture Alex’s grandpa, I see a somewhat portly man, bald, smiling, with a grey curled moustache.

I wait to be proven wrong.

My sister is a historian and curator of a museum. The last line if delivered by my sister would have been breathless and filled with glee. History spins her dials like narcotics and alcohol would most people, or maybe even more like sky-diving. In any case history hits her in places I do not think most people have.

Unrelated to today’s comic: I noticed today that for some reason my ad blocker had turned back on for you. It is back off now, but reminder for everyone reading this to made sure it is off to support the site. I know that Patreon is the better way to support, but as I can’t afford that, I want to make sure to at least give ad revenue. Hopefully everyone else feels the same.

Keep up the great work Jackie. I continue to love the comic as I have for many years.

Jackie, you are your own worst critic. Great as always.

I wonder if that’s true. Some people really hate my work.

Well there are critics and then there are tasteless assholes … wait let me try that again!

Well there are critics and then there are assholes with no taste … nope …

Some people have no taste and are assholes — they are even worse than critics!

I don’t get the talking to grandfathers. When I was growing up none of the kids on my block had a grandfather still living. Apparently there are lots of them now.
I had one grandmother and one great-grandmother; that’s it. Aunts and uncles, but of grandsires had I none.

Jackie, your ability is so much better than you believe it is.
Are you going to let your fear take this from you? Go to your tablet. Fight! Win!
And then come back and comment. You know I love your little insights. **

** apologies to Edna Mode, ….and friend.

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