1357 Hammer Time.

It’s probably safe to say that Evrina hasn’t encountered someone with as strong a will as hers in a while. Alex has let several mean spirited things slide across her with little more than a grimace, and the rest of the group has basically been stunned into silence. In this situation Reggie is that most dangerous of creatures, the one with nothing to lose. Additionally he’s the kind of person who would want to bring down horrible retribution on anyone who doesn’t get the job done. He’s only going to turn the other cheek as much as it takes to increase the force of his counterattack. In that moment he relishes the brutality of the action. Feels the thrill of hurting someone else as much, or more than, they hurt you. It can be a very intoxicating feeling. The bully’s high, if you will.
All of this, when looked at from a distance, illustrates the fog that exists in most situations. Someone is bullied and they lash out. Sometimes against the aggressor, sometimes against an easier target. The feeling of weakness and helplessness spurs them on. Virtually every person will play both parts at least once in their lives.


Behold his bitchslap of words!

I had to read through that twice just to my brain could comprehend just how swiftly he brought down the ban-hammer on her ass. That was awesome.

I think this is the second time i comment here… Regie was a character i despised in the beginning, but he has slowly “turned around” in my eyes. But this right here. This just got him into my “approved character” list. That was just badass.

I only wish Tomas was here to see how much Reggie has grown.

And to knock him down a peg once he thinks this little apparent verbal judo victory is proof of his ultimate superiority over everything ever.

Yes, Reggie scored a direct hit here. However, we have yet to see what Evrina is capable of when shots are fired. Maybe she’s a little taken aback by how he just made it very, very personal. Maybe, once she recovers, we’ll discover her to be nearly on level with Tomas and serve Reggie a slice of humble pie, a dish he is well acquainted with.

All I’m saying is wait and see.

Also I wanna see John’s reaction to this, because this particular shot fired was 50 caliber.

.50? Are you kidding? Whether you meant AE or BMG is irrelevant: This was a full broadside from the battleship Reggie.

Now we have to wait and see if Evrina has the torpedoes to counter with.

Officially my favourite moment in Between Failures to date. Not because it’s such a “YOU GOT TOLD” moment, but because the execution was flawless. Her blank stare is literally the only option left after that

Nothing blank about that stare, that right there be a soul crushed.

Hopefully not crushed. Then she wouldn’t be able to grow from the experience. But it is a face of one who has grabbed for the hand grenade and realizes she’s only holding the pin.

This is the first time I’ve seen this idiom, and I really like it. Just thought you should know.

Thank you. Wish I could take credit for it, but I don’t even remember where I read it, but it was such a good one I kept it in memory for occasions like this, :)

Well, in the process of giving Evrina “both barrels”, Reggie kind of let slip a serious helping of disdain for the entire group’s hobby. Whether he meant it, or was simply caught up in the zeal of tearing Evrina down, this really does illustrate Jackie’s earlier warning that Reggie tends to take things a bit too far, when he’s “in his element”.

surprised nobody is shipping these two yet.

Hate to break it to ya, people have been shipping Reggie and Evrina since her appearance. Now it’s just a question of its gonna happen or remain head-cannon.

Logic and honesty;
Take no prisoners,
Leave no survivors,
Smoke clears from the field of combat,
Strewn with the corse of those unprepared,
The lucky ones died swiftly.

A haiku! Plus 11. A haiku is 17 right?

I think its more of a limerick, but yes, a haiku is 17 according to my literature textbook…

According to my understanding, it’s neither.
A haiku has three lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables.
A limerick has five lines with a rhyme and rhythm pattern of AABBA.

This is a classic example of what is known as someone dispensing indiscriminate justice. Usually involves a hammer. Humans are weird. Moving on with the tour…..

Tomas is a hard Master , but his teachings aren’t without meaning. Battling with words, keeping your tongue sharp and not using foul words, for these aren’t the sole tools you use to bring down your foes. I think Evrina hasn’t met a full retort with such force, and to make things worse, with such a keen adversary. Didn’t Vicky say it? ”He hones in your weakneses like a laser…”. There, you have it. Now, I hope for Reggie to never be fully aware of the damage you can do with skills like these. He could use it …wrongly.

So that’s what this system does when you have more than one page of comments. Wondered for a second why I couldn’t find mine. This one’s really getting a rise out of the commenters.

Do you guys hear that? thats the sound of her ego deflating and crashing around her after that dead center verbal headshot executed by our master verbal sniper Reggie Boothe.

I normally don’t comment, but…by the gods above, he just delivered the verbal equivalent of a tactical nuke to her ego! A straight shot, laser guided and precise. Words are the greatest weapon and it is a pleasure to see someone wield them with this kind of precision. He did not shout, did not use any foul language, but used his words well. Reggie just got points in my book.

Evrina went hunting Snark. Reggie is a Boojum.

Nobody’s mentioned that in Panel 3, Evrina’s eyes are blood red. Yeah, she got what was coming to her, but there will be pain. I suspect it won’t be inflicted on Reggie, but somebody’s going to get hurt.

That was cold Reggie, cold, brutal and honest.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully support his response. Erin a is a bully. She entered the room hostile, abusive and directly attacking people she has never even seen or spoken to before. there is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Reggie’s response was harsh, but not cruel. If he’d been unnecessarily cruel, she most likely would have ignored it and fired back, but she had no choice to recognize the honesty of his words. We’ll said.

I have never been more excited for the next installment of this comic. I keep coming back to read this over and over and to read the responses.

I think most of you may actually have it quite wrong. I think while she is surprised that someone is actually fighting back, she’s far from beaten. I am actually feeling that she is going to come back with an extremely strong verbal retort. I just feel most of you are going to be surprised. Someone like this usually is not unaware of their grating personality, and may have come to terms with it.

That was a devastating attack. Deserved, but as was pointed out, he mocked the hobby of the group too. I can’t read her well enough to be sure whether she is absolutely crushed or just somewhat deflated. I hope both grow…

GoT spoilers. This is like that moment when Jamie Lannister saves Brienne of Tarth from the bear pit at Harrenhall. This is the point where you stop not giving any thoughts to whether he lasts or not and actually see what you want to see in that character. Well done.

3 panels are considered hot to the touch
If you aren’t careful, you might get

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