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Accepting yourself can open up a world of possibility to you that you might not realize you were depriving yourself of. I started this comic like a monkey with a crayon, accepting that I would never be perfect, possibly never even be good. The important thing was accepting that and actually doing something. I’ve pretty much been bad at most of the things I wanted to do but kept on doing them until I was okay at them. Creatively though I kept waiting for perfection and not doing anything. Of course you can learn over time and change aspects of yourself, gain skills, and what have you, but there are somethings about yourself you just need to get right with in your head. Another trick is figuring out what you think you can’t do and what you really cant do though.

Anyway, I’m off to be mediocre in other aspects of my life until next time we meet. Oh yeah, support links are above the blog as always. I hope to see you on Friday. Until then, gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss!


Going to (STEM) uni is one way to learn some intellectual humility for those who were the guys with high school top grades. Or at least it was, uni seems so weird these days. But anyway, there were always a lot of smarter guys around and you had to struggle hard to compete. Everyone else there was also top tier of their school you know. Or better.

The first year of university was a real bitch slap. I coasted through high school and then got to my freshman year in college where smart was just average. I spent most of my first year just trying to figure out how to keep from flunking out.

Lol, basically the same for me. I think I spent the first 15 months desperately keeping my nose above the water until things started clicking. It was somewhat crushing to barely squeak through, or fail, a course while your new friends sailed through. Glad that’s all in the past now that I think about it.

Has Jesse ever considered taking up baking? I really think it would be the perfect creative hobby for someone in her position. Baking is very scientific in nature, but leaves plenty of room for creativity.

So long as the base mixture remains, you can add or subtract to it as much as you want. If you keep the base of a set amount of flour, eggs, butter, etc for a batch of cookies, you can be as creative as you want with mix-ins and toppings. Same with cake and bread really. Plus Jesse’s problem of only being able to do one thing at a time, will help her here, as that kind of behavior is better for baking.

Look at this here.
(Link breaks the page.)
This is a really good chocolate chip cookie recipe, that can be seen as very scientific (adding and subtracting to get a certain outcome.)

That actualy the exact reason i took up baking as a hobby. Ive got crap cordination but i love to bake. Just dont expext anything pretty

I think Aquariums would tickle the analytical fancy as well. Especially salt water tanks; they feel like more of a chemistry project than a pet, especially if you’ve got corals in there and like the challenge of keeping parameters in check. There’s different levels of difficulty in any hobby, of course. But it might be a bit much if she’s too impatient.

Knitting and crocheting is another hobby that can be as challenging as you want it to be. Plus you can put stuff down and pick them up as often as you want. Well, as long as you can remember where you left off, lol. Same with sewing!

Perfection is a Wil-O-The-Wisp. Every time you think you are getting close it turns up just a little farther down the road.
But we can get better. To quote something I read in a webcomic, “It’s not magic, it’s practice.”

I spent years as the biggest fish in a small pond, metaphorically. Until I got into some program the area was running where they got everybody together who got like a 500 or better on their PSATs in seventh grade. THAT was an eye-opener. Like maybe a couple dozen kids from far, far bigger towns. Places that actually had museums in them. It was a bizarre experience to be average, if only in that room. But they were some of my best friends at the time, too, even if we could only see each other once every few months or so due to how far apart we were at any given time, and our lack of ability to drive.

I can relate to Jessica so much here. I am unusually intelligent. But I cannot, for the life of me, play the piano, no matter how much I want to. I can write music, but I can’t play it. I even have trouble with simpler instruments like the bass guitar. And I’m very good with my hands… it’s just that my hands just want to be synchronised.

well… thats a pretty excellent way to summarise a lifelong issueive had, applaud the writing of this scene. And the rest of the webcomic so far to be fair i think ive commented in the past but cant remember.

I do some leatherwork, and I often console myself with the thought-,” If people wanted perfection, they would’ve known not to come to me in the first place.”

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