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I don’t actually know if Reggie is using the word fraternal correctly. I wrote it and decided to leave it because it sounds natural. Real people misuse words, or have only a partial understanding of some of the words they’ve heard in context. Basically Reggie is running on confidence. He’s made an estimate of Evrina’s intelligence and is breaking out words that might be outside his exact understanding. I’m pretty sure that fraternal is properly used to describe men only organizations. The female equivalent being sorority, right? If there’s a mixed gender version of the word I can’t think of it at the moment.
I don’t know much about frats and that outside of movies. I’m pretty sure that if said films are based on even half truths I would not want to be part of such an organization. Of course I’m not real keen on being part of any organization, so that’s not the biggest snub I can muster. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked, at length, to anyone who was in a frat or sorority. Did any of you do that sort of thing? Was it as Revenge Of The Nerds as Revenge Of The Nerds would have me believe?

Side note: how long do we have before a Revenge Of The Nerds reboot? Also, is the concept still culturally relevant in light of the success of nerd culture in dominating popular culture? Discuss.

Okay, subject change. Do you guys think there is a market for male lingerie? After seeing the tumblrs of many female friends I think there is. I don’t know exactly the form it would take, but I think that sexclothes for men could be a marketable thing in the world now. Discuss.

I think I figured out how to make my capture thing record my audio. I haven’t tested it yet, but I read several troubleshooting guides and I think my sound thingy is the issue. I made the changes and at some point I’ll try again. I also watched a tutorial about getting a PS3 to work with the capture card, so maybe I can show off my floating castle someday.

I was swimming in the ocean near a mushroom island, in Minecraft, before I had to take the Teen to school, when I saw a weird glow coming from underwater. That was a new thing so I sank down to see what it was. To my surprise there was a lavafall underwater. Since it was flowing I knew it had to have an air pocket, so I swam down and found an underwater cave system. It was really neat. I’ve never seen anything like that in Minecraft before. I explored a little before I had to go. I think there should be a lot of resources there.


Mooshroom Biome :D


Free food

Free Mooshrooms

Monster free home

Is that true? Monsters don’t spawn on mushroom ground?

Related: The weird glow underwater is probably one of the new underwater temples.

Pro: Underwater Temples are made out of shiny seastone, which you can’t get anywhere else, and also contain 9 blocks of gold. Not gold ore. Solid gold blocks.

Con: They’re guarded by lasersquids who will murder the shit out of you. Seriously, lasersquids don’t play.

Lasersquids are terrifying. They mean some serious business.

He’s mentioned that he is playing on a console, though, which is a bit behind on the updates compared to PC? I’m not sure about this. I know that it used to be.

I found a ravine at the bottom of an ocean the same way. I was seeing this odd glow coming from the bottom of the ocean and had to investigate. It turned out to be a large ravine with lots of lava and lots of ores :D

There -was- a remake of the film planned in 2007 but it was apparently canceled after two weeks of shoots.

Considering Revenge of the Nerds 4 was released in 1994, and it’s been 21 years, we’re overdue for a new film starring the nerds’ children.

Was there truly? Huh, sad they canceled it, but then, they do tend to cancel the best ideas, or even outright refuse the best ideas (re: Bioshock).

They come out with TV shoes that kind of do that? But nothing really REVENGE. Maybe they think we couldn’t handle it?

You have to remember that the ones running things in Hollywood are the antithesis of NERDS.
They were [and most likely still are] the snotty rich [xxx]-ist kids [guys] from the “right” families.
They are the ones always portraying the handsome swarthy, yet not so smart but really athletic guy as the Hero and anyone with an above average intelligence as the bad guy who is either pure evil or just an idiot. Science bad, sports good, hur hur hur.

one of the american pie movies has an anti-revenge of the nerds plot. The nerds run the school with their superior intelligence and planning, and the losers, er I mean the guys who were popular in high school, have to overcome them.

Maybe it’s me living in a small town, but there are still those have things against nerd types :p Just like many don’t even consider themselves using the internet even though they use Facebook :p

Not sure they could do a movie like RotN today. It’d likely suck. Kinda like most of the sequals!

There is a market for male lingerie, but it is very limited.

You want male lingerie? Try a three piece suit with a nice tie, good shoes, and an unreasonably high confidence level.

In a way, Reggie’s response here is male lingerie. He casually raises the stakes. He’s a bit wordy, but he’s on the right track.

Males look for attractive figures. Females look for status. Neither good nor bad, just the way it is.

The problem with applying a gender dichotomy to what people seek in the bedroom is that it totally ignores homosexual relations. Are all gay dudes shallow, then? Are lesbians all golddiggers and social climbers? Those are rhetorical questions, by the way. Pretty sure the answer to both is “no”.

Beside, heterosexual “females” also have aesthetics, and can also enjoy peeling slinky things off their sexual partners in the sack. Or do you think “oh baby tell me more about your 401k” counts as pillow talk? Guys are allowed to be fun to look at, and girls are allowed to have fun looking at them. Hell, case in point, the last panel of this strip.

Or many times on Arrow when Ollie’s working out. I’m surprised Felicity hasn’t pulled up a beach chair and some popcorn yet on that show (though I’m not yet halfway through season 3, so there’s time).

Well…she does at some point mention how nice it is to watch. It was definitely a moment played for laughs. And that was about the last time they showed him working out.

I find men in three piece suits rather attractive. If I could dress my husband in anything, it would be a good three piece suit. I think it has less to do with status, though, and more to do with being a girl who’s crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man. The unreasonable high confidence level helps, too.

I personally think male lingerie looks a little silly. I would rather my man wear the suit.

I think that saying women only look for status is a misinterpretation of the question at hand. Someone (male or female) might find a well dressed person more attractive than someone who appears slovenly, but in my mind that’s not the point of lingerie. It’s to push those weird “sexy” buttons in the mind of someone you’re already with. You don’t walk down the street in a silk banana hammock, vest and bowtie to try and pick up the ladies but you wear that in front of the missus and she gets that look in her eye that says “I’m gonna wreck you in the best way”.

In short, yes I think male lingerie is a thing and can be as simple as a pair of white briefs, though it comes down to personal preference.

Yeah, my husband was basically just a hot bum when I started dating him, haha. He’s far, far improved now and we’ve been married for 11 years. Still hot!

Your use of the word fraternal is actually appropriate; while typically a fraternity would, yeah, be limited to men as members, fraternal ACTIVITIES are just those which are appropriate to such a gathering, club, membership, etc. Basically, rites of initiation.

As far as male lingerie goes, you sort of have two categories. There’s the typical, thong/brief type of underwear that emphasizes the male genitalia. And then there’s Homme Mystere, which specializes in lingerie like the kind seen at Frederick’s of Hollywood for women, complete with the female names for each type of cut.

Wonder if this is going to turn into an argument turned makeout moment. All that heated tension explodes into a flurry of arms and yeah, I’m gonna stop now.

“…explodes into a flurry of arms…”

That’s interesting. In France, there is a slang saying, or at least french people used to say it-

In France-
the slang term for an orgy/sex party is translated, into English, as:

“A party of legs in the air”.


I’m a member of a co-ed fraternity. Still called a fraternity.

Probably because of the grammatical principle that the masculine includes the feminine.
An age-old gender discrimination built into our language.

When Zamenhoff invented Esperanto, he had a chance to get this right. He didn’t.

— hendrik

Sororal is the female equivelent.

As for male lingerie..well, it’s not my thing, but I know women who would be into it. So logically, there would be men into it as well.

I’m a member of a sorority, and we never went through any sort of hazing, though I can’t speak for the frats. There are some sorority girls who like to party but a lot of us are sweet girls who are focused on academics. I like the sense of community in my sorority, especially since I don’t have sisters of my own

Maddison cracks me up.

I’m actually in a fraternity(was? I graduated last May, but it does continue after college), and I’d love to answer any questions you might have. My chapter was certainly not stereotypical “movie-frat”, and was pretty nerdy, all things considered. It still surprises me, and surprised a lot of the other members that they would ever turn out to join a fraternity. For starters, I’m a long-haired, non-athletic, tabletop-playing, LARPing, Video-gaming nerd, and have been for a good portion of my life. I participated in both my fraternity, and the campus’ Science-Fiction and Fantasy Association(All-purpose nerd club) for my whole tenure there and it wasn’t a problem(except when trying to fill house for either organization).
And yes, a lot of us enjoyed drinking, and we threw (legal and registered) parties at the house with dancing and loud music, but it’s not like we were destructive or disrespectful. There are lots of committees and planning, and we would meet once a week to discuss both fraternity business and personal life kinda stuff at “chapter”. There’s a lot of things to manage in a fraternity, including campus image + presence, recruitment, community service, historical archiving, connections to alumni and to the national organization. A surprising amount of bureaucracy, actually.
But we had men of all kinds, from the nerdy to the couple of athletes we had. The semester I joined(and the semester after that) our chapter president was actually gay, which did a lot to show me that it wasn’t a close-minded hateful organization like I might’ve thought. During my time we even initiated a trans-man, a good friend of mine, actually.
We weren’t always perfect, and it’s not like I got along with all of my brothers, but a big part of the brotherhood was about striving to be better people and helping our brothers to do the same. And also really ridiculous nicknames. But also really helping each other through tough times, I relied on the brotherhood a lot when I was in an emotionally abuse relationship with my suicidal ex, and I’ve seen more men cry in that house than I’ve seen crying anywhere else.
Not all fraternities are like that, sure, and I’m from a small liberal arts campus. I’ve seen guys from other frats acting pretty shitty, and I’m not always proud of my brothers’ behavior to each other, or to people outside the fraternity, but I am proud of my brothers, and the men I’ve seen changed by their time in the fraternity, and proud to be a member of that brotherhood.
(Sorry if this came off as long-winded or preachy, but you asked about frats, so I thought I’d contribute to a topic I could, XD)

Oh yeah, the post above mine reminded me. We also did not, and do not haze. Kinda important thing to dispel about the fraternity image, >_<. Closest thing to hazing was having to do the mandatory GreekLife.edu educational program, and that's legally required of us, XD.

Okay, if you hook up Maddison beating Reggie with a paddle, I swear I’m clicking Nina’s Patreon shirt. Or Big Mike beating Wesley with a two-piece, custom-made pool cue.

Hmm. My fraternity is Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE). Very exclusive — and talk about nerds!

Everything I see on RotN says it was made in 1984. That’s over thirty years ago; so it might be ripe for a reboot. They tried a remake in 2007, shot two weeks worth of footage and gave it as a bad job. Fox tried a series pilot in 2011 and dropped it like an overheated spud. And at least two movie-oriented blogs describe it as a bad choice for a remake. Discuss.

In re: male lingerie. Seriously Jackie, no one wants to see you or me in anything more sheer than denim and flannel. That said, I think you’re on the right track. Women’s foundation wear is as sexy as it’s ever been. Mens accessory advertising, such as underwear and scents — especially advertising aimed at their significant others — is getting very sexy. I read an article about boudoir photography in one of the photo magazines last month — I don’t recall them mentioning men specifically, but I’m sure there’s a market. After all, where there’s an ago, there’s a wallet. Discuss.

Revenge of the Nerds is now… King of the Nerds. It is a TBS reality show, hosted by Curtis Armstrong (Booger) and Robert Carradine (Lewis). It is in the middle of its 3rd season right now. We find it entertaining.

I have seen part of an episode here and there.
I am not sure anybody on those shows would make it past small letter n nerd at best.

Fraternal means like a brother. But Fraternal twins are twins who aren’t identical. So who really cares. This whole thing feels too tense to read a page, stutter stop, 3 times a week. I might take a couple weeks off to get to the big explosion all at once.

The problem with college comedic romps of the era like Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds (two sides of the same coin) is that times have changed.


Most of the behavior depicted in them was seen at the time as just “kids being kids.with no adult supervision.and with booze”

Nowadays that stuff resembles:
Booze is Cool. therefore parties with booze are cool therefore people who throw parties with booze are cool therefore those cool people can do no wrong.
Bullying (girls verbal/ guys physical) as a means of maintaining social order.
Guys:Getting laid is worth any price including Consent violation.
Girls: Avoid being a labeled a slut (and the shaming that comes with it) is worth any price. I was soooo drunk I dont remember what happened last night. (is there a drinking problem or was a roofie involved?) If that doesnt fly then one can always fall back on Crying Rape (which muddies the water that much more when it happens for real)

The whole thing is a goddamn mess.
Back in the day this was seen as rather progressive. and forward thinking. for its time.
But times changed. And its hard to find the humor in this sort of thing anymore.

And that is why hollywood is staying as far away from it as it can.

To get a capture card to work it simply depends on the type of card. If elgato… HDMI and then some super simple clicking. I’ll get the list of clicks from the paper my friend and I scrawled them on.

Male lingerie is incredibly difficult to shop for. I think, overall, there’s a lack of vision in the fashion industry for this sort of thing, so I think people have a hard time making something that looks good.

Lingerie, almost contrarily, is about figuring out what exactly should be covered up, pulling focus away from the obviously sexual parts to make non-sexual parts more appealing. I think women’s lingerie nails this (ha) pretty well. Good lingerie pulls the eyes away from the nipples and groin, and pulls your eyes towards the hips, the stomach, the outer breasts, and the collar. A certain focus on femininity is also expressed, with lace, garters, and corsets. Sort of a “makes you feel like a woman” feel, I think.

For men, it’s much harder. A lot of what I see pulls focus TOWARDS the groin, making it look kind of tacky, and is pretty much goes to “you might as well wear nothing” territory. Men’s underwear for in the gay-men circuit is getting better, but not quite there, and I’m not sure if women find this attractive or not.

My favorite style for menswear takes on a pseudo athletic look. Tight briefs/boxerbriefs, low cut, with the back cut out (called “backless briefs”). They look like a mix between a speedo and a jockstrap. This puts focus on the hipbone (the nice adonis belt) and the butt. Another type is a backless version of a wrestling singlet, sometimes cut low to show off the abs. These styles express higher levels of masculinity with the sports focus.

I would love to see a men’s lingerie store in the mall. I think men deserve to feel sexy every now and then.

Male lingerie is already a thing. Not all that common in mainstream, but in certain circles… I’ve even seen at least a couple of the more mainstream sex toy shops carrying lingerie specifically designed for male-shaped bodies. Then when you get to more specialty, niche-stuff… anything is possible.

If you want to know more, you’ll get to know more ;)

Ooooo, spanking. I’d paddle her cute little ass, any day. Gently, until she asked for it with more vigor.

“Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

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