1358 Rock The Vote.

The exact nature of Alex’s and Evrina’s relationship is unclear in so far as details are concerned, but it’s clear enough that Alex indulges Evrina’s irritating behavior. Still, she knows when to reel her back in and, by extension, Reggie. One could make a case that she let this go just a bit too long, or not long enough. Regardless her reasons are her own. Now the embers of anger will smolder for a bit.

I’ll be returning to the hospital Wednesday for a sleep study. Two words that sound truly awful together. I have visions of it going poorly. My sleep habits are far from normal and it has continually stymied my efforts to put them in sync with the world clock. Every time I get on a good schedule something happens, or someone, that throws it right back to its weird rhythm. I fear that I will lay in the bed for hours and only fall asleep moments before I have to leave. As it is I rarely sleep more than 4 hours in a row. If I lay down at nine I’ll be up at one or two FOR THE DURRATION. Also, having an appointment, at a place I am not familiar with, hanging over my head for weeks only makes the problem worse. Anticipation of irritation makes the irritation far worse than it needs to be. Much like with shots, don’t dick around. Just get it done so I don’t have time to notice.

In any case it is what it is and I’m stuck dealing with it. A week of buffer pages are getting pissed away over this nonsense. Honestly, at this point, I’d probably start feeling better if they would just let me die in peace.


She has a knack for stating what needs to be said, then taking the severity of what she says right out of it. She’s like a female version of me, at least from what I’ve seen so far. I relate to our Librarian here.

I also enjoy how anytime Reggie lights the offensive cannons, his eyes get squinty and cold. Like he meta-physically drains himself of all human compassion and emotion.

I think can understand how Reggie developed such a persona when entering verbal conflict. You really can not loose an exchange when you apply cold hard logic and facts and not let emotion get the better of you.

The again ….

Cold logic deemed this world was not worth saving. Cold logic, however, does not account for the power of free will. It’s up to each of us to prove this is a world worth saving. That our lives… that our lives are worth living.

If the arguments I’ve been in have been any indication, I think you have that backwards, friend. I can apply all the sound, logical, calculated facts I want to an argument, but that won’t get them to listen. :/

Nah the Titans should have come in a reset everything. Deviating from the logical plan is why Azeroth is so screwed up in the first place, damned curse of the flesh! :p And lets face it…….free will worked out so well for Rhonin in the end. Not.

I haaaaate that bullshit… and, by extension now, you! Goddamn people turning in that damned Reply Code every five seconds in Dalaran like they’re some kind of badass for beating Algalon. I can’t sit around for more than a minute before Rhonin starts his speech at least twice. Yes, the sky looks real pretty, but his voice got old and tiresome after the first fifty times. The second fifty times I wanted him to die. The third twenty times I wanted to find each and every person who turns that quest in and cram them up the ass of an epileptic bear and then flash a strobe light at it.

End rant. >_>vdd

Prophecy cause all this trouble. Prophecy!

Hmmm… A furry club with a prophecy that Reggie resembles would be a cool twist though I don’t know how that would be written realistically.

It’s really hard for me to take Evrina seriously at anything. I think it’s the hair. I can’t stand when women have really short hair like that.

The thing that immediately made me not take anything she says serious is that she reminds me of a ghetto rat. That loud and proud entrance she had made it seem like she just stepped out of the hood. The way she’s dressed is also a bit of a red flag to me.

I can sorta relate with the sleep issues, Jackie. At the moment, my body clock is wired for me to have my most creative period between midnight and 3 am – it’s when I actually get stuff done, believe it or not. Partly, I blame that on being the only member of my RP circle who lives in Australia when most of it lives in the US (though one member lives in Canada and another in the UK). But mainly, I just blame my own genetics – Aspergers Syndrome (technically now ASD – Aspergers) and my own addictive personality to writing and late-night gaming on my tablet keeping me up.

That said, usually I sleep a solid 7 hours once I get there – today was a little odd, though I blame that on a weird dream where I trued to outrun a Hunstsman Spider who was faster than me – ran half my home in length and it was on me and already climbing up my arm by the time I reached the door. Creeped me right out and got me up at 7am…

All fucking issues are caused by two things: poisoning with lead and fluoride, and lack of magnesium and calcium. Both are caused by intake of improper liquids and food.

Really? That fluoride thing again? That was disproved when I was a kid. I’ll bet vaccinations cause autism, too.

No, they cause stupidity, ‘professor’

Stupidity? Seriously? Which of us is believing nonsense with no scientific proof? So there is nobody in the whole world who has any sort of medical problems, but those exposed to lead and fluoride? Because that is exactly what you claimed above. Lead exposure in the United States is down significantly since the Government started restricting its use in fuel additives, paint and plumbing in the 1970s. Yes there are still some older houses with lead-soldered pipes and exposed lead paint, but for the most part the exposure is from old industrial waste.

Fluoridated water and stannous fluoride in tooth paste have never been proved to be a threat. Fluoride salts are toxic at high doses, but consuming amounts sufficient to cause symptoms is unlikely.

Pity, was wrong.

Still, the way that Reggie looks, it makes it seem like he understands what it is like to lose what you created.

I said something similar to this a while back, but I’m going to throw it out again. My first sleep study was pretty much what you describe as your nightmare scenario. It truly sucked. But somehow they got enough data to figure out the problem (Sleep Apnea) and how to solve it. (A CPAP mask) Since then, my quality of life (and sleep) has been waaay better.

What I’m saying is that I hope you have a better experience than I did, but either way, this is a worthwhile thing that you are going to do. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

This was an interesting exchange. Hopefully Reggie can be given a good impression of the club because I like seeing his interactions with them.

I’m not sure what Reggie’s face is doing in the last panel. Is he reacting to the petulant scowl Evrina is giving him? Is that a face of slight regret for how all that just played out? Or is that his “oh god” face after Alex reminds him that he is in fact currently at a furry club?

And yea, that comeback was weaksauce, Evrina. She looks like she could use a juicebox.

Kinda feels like a “Yeah, well you may have just lit me up like a Christmas tree, but it was my ball, so who really won? Huh!?” response. I can almost hear the “Screw you guys I’m going home” tone in her voice

Probably says something about me that characters like Reggie, Eric and Wheeler are typically the ones I like most.

Perhaps Evrina chose the wrong fursona. She’s starting to remind me of characters from Finding Nemo: the Seagulls.


Looks like the rat faces are getting along perfectly!

N o Y sounds like troll here or as you pointed out is simplistic because simple people like simple answers.

The Fluoride thing? Iff you brush then there is no need for it in the water but then again NA puts chlorine in drinking water where the majority of the first world doesn’t add such toxins. The reasons are varied and multitudinous as to why we still do and the fix is anything but simple.

Okay – why the heck did my reply to the Perfessor end up here?
Gah – again?
My day ….. sporadic power outages since yesterday afternoon … 3 hour drive home ….. overslept …… 2 hours in to work that normally takes 30 min … yammer yammer … mutter mutter …

Verona reminds me of a woman I knew a long time ago. She was always verbally poking at people. It was a defense mechanism, but it sometimes backfired on her. I found her fun to be around because she kept me on my toes. I have never been one of those verbally quick people.
Oh and Evrina is a little hottie and probably thinks she can use that to defuse problems…

Can’t help but to think Reggie may be starting to have an inkling of how other people see him.

That’s a good thing, and I hope that is what’s behind his expression in the last frame.

@gewing: “Evrina is a little hottie and probably thinks she can use that to defuse problems…”
Undoubtedly. And Reggie’s refusal to defer to her, while remaining calm, is going to make him irresistible to her. Either she amps up the unpleasantness, and spoils everybody’s fun; or she begins using her hotness deliberately.

I’ve had a sleep study done about a decade ago. While all the sensors were a pain and I didnt sleep all that well, the results of the study can really put your mind at ease.
It can give you info that allows you to chose a course of action and then go for it.

Love Reggies eyes in panel 2. They show a mixture of disinterest and boredom of such low hanging fruit. Clearly he is accustomed to a higher level of wit than this.

It don’t think I would ascribe it to boredom so much as entering debate/argument mode that contains nothing but logic, facts and a sneer that will either goad the opponent to either come back with a logical reply or thrust themselves upon their emotional pike.

As much as I disliked Reggies persona and attitude, seeing how he came to have it as a defence against what happened to him I can understand and he is starting to realise that there can maybe be some stability in his employment. Evrina on the other hand is a straight up bully.
I had a “friend” who was like it who used to run a weekly role playing sessions at his house for a bunch of us. The problem was its “my game, my rules, my house” and so on. It went from fun to waiting for him to have a temper tantrum if he couldn’t get his own way, went out of his way to “punish” our characters if we strayed from his set path and even as low as having a female friends character gang raped as she dared go on a 3 week holiday to the other side of the world with her son. Eventually one by one we stopped going over and finally quit, and he ended up with the “my club” not being out voted but being the “club president” for a total of himself. Evrina started with being rude about potential new members referring them to Derps. I am sorry but that is the talk of a child not someone claiming to be an adult, someone starts like that at me, I go from a nice person to exactly like Reggie. Bullies are only as powerful as their backups all standing behind them.

I’ve had a couple of sleep studies myself, and from my personal experience they weren’t all that bad. They generally have a nice comfortable bed in a room set to optimal conditions for sleeping, and it’s all pretty damned pleasant. Y’know, minus the glue and wires stuck to your scalp.

Wait. Alex has the same height as Reggie? I was under the impression that she was a little less tall than him.

“Short” is a viable word in the English language, with its comparative form: “shorter”. I believe that one of the reasons I’m “less tall” is that my mom kept feeding me shortnin’ bread.

We the readers, in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion of this story,
That is:
See how these lives,
Created and portrayed here by Crave/Jackie,
Will naught allow, condone, nor abide,
The notion, idea, or wish, of Crave/Jackie,
To pass-on, pass-away, or die-in-peace.

The necromancers amongst us will reanimate Your corpse, Crave/Jackie,
Until You, Crave/Jackie, bring a satisfactory-ish conclusion to the tale here told.

I’ve done “sleep studies”. All they told me was shit I already knew. “You suffer from mild sleep apnea!” Oh, really? That’s EXACTLY what Google told me. Why thank you, you fuckin’ idiot. I stopped going to “sleep therapy” because of all the crap that was suggested to me that was just flat-out not working. It was a waste of my time and money.

I hope that your experience is at least somewhat informative.

Me thinks Reggie may have just found his potential Mrs. Reggie! If they don’t kill each other first, that is…

Really enjoying Reggie’s look of cold detachment here. It drives home his point about not caring at all quite effectively.

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