307 Six Of One.

For as rough and rugged a man as I am I think maybe I enjoy dressing up Nina a little too much. Well, I guess it’s not just Nina. I spend way too much time dressing up the girls any time they are going to wear something other than the regular stuff. Oh, let’s face it, this comic is just a flimsy excuse to draw women. I just make you all suffer through the plot so they’ll have reason to stand in different poses.

Edit: I forgot to say anything about it when I set this post up, but I’ve never understood the magic girls use to make huge ammounts of hair fit into very small spaces. I simply know they have that power and choose not to dig too deeply.


It’s not just you, for some reason people just seem to enjoy dressing up female characters more than guys. I see comics and cartoons all the time that will hardly ever switch up what the guys wear but every time you see the women they’re in a new fabulous outfit. Still this might just be art imitating life. Most girls would probably wear a different outfit everyday of their lives if they could and If most guys could wear the exact same thing everyday without smelling like ass they probably would as well.

Shazam! Nina is like Foxy Cleopatra with her expanding hair. :D

That last panel is like the sun breaking through on a cloudy day. Nicely done.

Not only do I wonder how they fit it all under there, I also wonder how they don’t manage to have like bed head or something similar when it comes off. Very nice page today.

At some point when you’re working on the girl’s clothes, you got Dress Brooksie as a Ninja or like she’s from the Matrix. Good Start.

I myself have been guilty of doing the same thing. I think part of it is the novelty of seeing all our hair disappear, and part of it is to just have everything neat and out of the way, say, during a windy day or if it’s raining. I have to a agree with an earlier comment; Nina’s pose is made pure sunshine and WIN. Nicely done as always J.T.

Her hair is like a siege crossbow. A hell of a bitch to load, but ridiculously powerful when unleashed.

There is an unmentioned time-delay there… and she isn’t actually holding her hat in the last shot. It got fired off her head by the unleashing of her hair and cracked the ceiling, and was just falling back down again. The ceiling is about to collapse to pieces on top of her…. but she’ll be ok. Her hair will protect her. That stuff would be a registered weapon, but not only is it too dangerous to be allowed near the police station, but she is too nice to use it to actually harm anyone.


*Ceiling collapses*

No, she’s got her hat in her right hand. (Our left). The little pink bit by her hip.

But yeah, Nina would be such an awesome person to have around. So cute too!

It’s so true about women’s hair though. One of my coworkers has hair past her waist, and yet curled up into a bun it would fit in almost any hat- it’s so crazy.

Apparently this is yet another female superpower that I lack >_< not only does my hair always escape any contraption I try to shove it into, it comes out all mussed and frizzy.

Resisting the hurge to make “Wave my hair back and forth” joke.

I do enjoy Nina’s bright personality.

The hair? It’s obvious: women have retractable hair. Yes, it’s that simple. For proof, there used to be some dolls for little girls that had retractable hair, but they got taken off the market because women were all like “Hey, no giving away our secrets!”

Well, it would hardly be fair if you didn’t spend some time dressing up your female characters: after all, you’ll probably never be able to spend as much time dressing them up as they would IRL. ‘Cause somehow, girls enjoy dressing themselves up. And I can only understand that about 40%. Then there’s 30% of me that wants to be consistent, 25% that wants to be practical and have as many pockets as I can get away with, and 5% that wishes I could just skip getting dressed and go through life in the buff without causing massive embarrassment.

No, it’s not just dressing up the characters (and why not, an artist should have fun with his work). There’s plot, and character development, and you can feel something for the characters too.

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