308 Inappropriate Sunshine.

I think this is the first page I’ve ever done outside of sequential order. I got the idea for for it, and those that follow its pulse, on the morning of the day I was going to draw a different page. It’s strange because I’m technically ahead of the game, but since there’s still a hole where that page belongs it feels like I wasted a day. I have learned, over the last year, that it doesn’t pay to ignore the muse. If I feel like I’m having a better drawing day than usual, and there’s an exceptional idea on deck, I’m more likely to just go for it than I used to be. A mediocre talent, such as I, can ill afford to be cavalier when it comes to something that seems like it will be impressive.

Technically I wanted this page to be 308, but I forgot to switch the order around in time. I’ll go back and fix it after the pages concerned have run.

Edit: Fix’d it.


On that first panel, I almost thought that was Reggie. And then his sister popped in and I instantly realized that is just morning Ed, He kinda reminds me of myself in the morning, just older, and with sideburns.

How much time has passed from the previous story arc by this point? That’s what I want to know.

I’ve had a few of those recently myself. Minus the gorgeous sister (Sorry Ed. Well, Ed’s not real, but he’s gotta know his sister’s a fox albeit a needlessly perky one.)

Thanks, by the way, for your recent comment on my DD comic. I use it in much the same way you did, except mine is in no way new. Hopefully you enjoyed what we present, and will continue reading.

“A mediocre talent, such as I, …”
As come on, quit fishing for compliments, not a one of us are going to take that comment seriously! if you were mediocre you wuldn’t have your devoted following.
There, reassured? Or did someone tell you that you shouldn’t toot your own horn? You gotta believe in yourself, and be able to sell that belief to others to succeed, there will always plenty of people out there to rain on your parade, don’t bother to do it for them.

Once again I just gotta say that Ed may be the best drawn character in the comic in my opinion, and he’s not even pretty! There’s just something about him that blends in with the other characters yet stands out so well. I dunno man, Ed’s just cool like that I guess.

HEHE! i don’t like the morning but if i have the chance to annoy someone by being like Jessica, I would do it!

Roger AKA MrSynnerster “He puts me in mind of a young logan”

I can agree with that, I mean he is half-naked, somewhat hairy, and above all else short.


… He looks like me in the morning. -_-;
Except I’m British and don’t have a twin sister… nor bigger sister of any sort.

for a second I thought that was emo snape again. but then the chest hair made me think of a dwarf. and with what he said… an Elizabethan dwarf.

ed… THE ELIZABETHAN DWARF. I like it, send it to marketing, BRAND IT. lol

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