697 Dude Run.

WordPress is encouraging me to update again. WordPress often gives bad advice I find. In fact, as I’ve been doing this comic I have found that the people who make blogging programs love to update stuff and essentially destroy the sites using it. I’m not sure what it is about them that causes this character trait, but it appears to be common to all of them.

I spent a while today fighting with the site again. Slowly its resistance is weakening and begins to bend to my will. It’s been functioning better for me recently, but it’s still badly messed up inside. Baby steps…

Cave Story came out for the DSi yesterday. I had some points saved after the Shantae debacle, so I was able to just download it and play. It’s a perfect game for a handheld, just like I said it would be.


Oh my God, I LOVE Cave Story! Haven’t beaten it yet, though, still dealing with Hell. It’s really hard for me, for some reason.

On the other side of this, Brooksie is just getting more and more adorable. I want to give her a hug and a pat on the head. She’s actually like an amalgamation of four different girls I know from college and my midget cousin that hides from everyone.

To paraphrase Discworld: When the top of their head only comes up to your shoulder, that means your crotch is at perfect punching level.

I just watched that movie last night. also. i think you should put brooksie’s shirt in the online store. the funny thing is, i’m sure a bunch of hipsters would buy it.

Even before I got down to the title I knew what it would be. They’re saved for the last like a punchline — perhaps it’s an artifact of WordPress. Poor Brian! Do you suppose he’ll ever live that down?


Heh! Great way to just quote the very same movie further and at the same time put in a slight hint of “Dude, drop the height issue or find yourself stomped into the ground!”.

Movie? I thought it was referencing Brian from T.A.P.S. and their stay at Eastern State Penitentiary where he screamed that as he ran away.

I love Brooksie to pieces. I work in retail as a cashier, and when people startle me I tend to throw bread two registers behind me.

Recent events at my store make me wonder if the Between Failures gang carry seasonal items at their store, namely those covered in glitter. This is my first holiday season at the store, and glitter has quickly become the bane of my existence. There is no way to get the little red and green specks off of my register, hands or clothes. It is the sand of decorating materials.

This is my first time commenting on your comic, but I read the whole thing over a few days, and I adore it. Sometimes the updates really brighten my day.

Thank you.

just for future reference “pelting” is throwing things at something/someone. i think you meant “belting” off, in reference to running away… either that or i simply can’t see the difference in your font between p and b. and apologies for the grammar nazi moment.

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