696 Bravestar.

A clever fan found out how to get avatar images to appear with comments. If that interests you, you can read the how to here: http://www.crankygoblin.com/geoff/post/2010/11/24/Avatars!!-But-Not-For-This-Blog.aspx I didn’t know either.

I’ve been sick for several days now. From before Thanksgiving, so I’ve eaten the food, but haven’t really tasted anything. Well, apart from my Aunt’s spicy beans. Those can cut through anything.

Anyway, it’s slowed everything down and been generally annoying.


Sick isn’t fun. I’ve been getting over a case of almost-whooping cough. It’s just like whooping cough, but without the funny noise. It DOES include the anti-biotics, the (unpaid) time off work, and the lack of sleep due to coughing constantly.

Side note: Spicy Beans!!! Want!!! Send me some. Now.

Heh, luckily a differnt forum I chat on, had the same method for a icon pic, and I tried it here, and to my surprise, it worked :D.

Also it would seem that Brooke got sneaked up on now. Charlies in the tree confuses me though, heh.

Also I wonder, does the site move slowly for others?

“Charlie”, aka “some charlies”, is Vietnam War slang, for the North Vietnamese-allied fighting group, named- the viet cong.

The VC was also called, in slang- [the] victor charlie.

I got Thanksgiving off for the first time in well over a decade, and what happens? I get home shortly before midnight, at the stroke of twelve and the start of the holiday I got violently ill. Also, I was the only one left in my house, so I ended up having to clean up after myself while still ill. The next night my first roommate shows up and finds me in one of my cabinets (I tend to find tight, dark spaces to hole up when sick. It’s just one of those instincts I haven’t ever tried to conquer. Besides, it’s fun waking up in new places you can’t even figure out how to get into while you’re still lucid). After asking what I was doing there, wrapped in half a dozen quilts, he wanted to know where all our stuff was. turns out I washed everything and stacked it in the spare bathroom. And I mean everything. All the towels, rugs, curtains, etc. Everything else (furniture, books, and such) didn’t go through the washing machine, but still smelled vaguely of bleach and was stacked neatly in the spare bath. Odd thing is I don’t remember doing half of this, even fever dream style, and when not ill, I am a terrible slob.

zomg! Bravestar… my brother and I loved that show, we had a fancy wine bottle that we used to keep making our own ‘Sweetwater’ in using water and sugar tablets! I do feel kinda bad that the only time I got to see Bravestar kiss teh sexy judge was in a still photo years after they stopped running the series.

It is timely for me that you made a Bravestar reference since I recently found it while channel surfing. This weird kids channel called Qubo has been showing Bravestar and a couple of other Filmation cartoons at night and although it is incredibly cheesy I really have been enjoying it. The only problem I have with it is the lack of back story, I mean you know that Shaman raised Bravestar but they don’t act like they are related so was Bravestar an orphan? Were Shaman and Bravestar on the planet before it was even settled? How did Bravestar become a Marshal? And why is Thirty-thirty so obsessed with his Sara-Jane? I like the show and the characters but there were so many unanswered questions.

Aaahh… Brooksie is definitely my favorite character! So fun and ecstatic to be so! Sneaky like a very sneaky ninja cosplayer, and terrifying like a one too!

“Charlie’s in the trees” … I’m guessing that’s a reference to a movie about ‘Nam? (A movie with which I am sadly unfamiliar.)

Some foods/drinks I found helpful when sick (depending on the kind of sickness though):
– herbal tea with honey (especially lime-tree blossom, peppermint, elder and the like)
– bread with honey or jam
– a good shot of spice in your food (preferably chili, hot paprika and such)
– also ginger in just about every form
– no cola, sprite or similar sweet drinks
– drink at least 2.5-3 litres a day
– soup (just about any kind)

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