Like my dad said to one of his college teachers: “The customer is never always right, but they’re always in charge”.

Technically, unless there are other customers who are willing to pay and the one customer who is in “charge” doesn’t decide the fate of the entire business.

The customer is never wrong. He may be misguided, misinformed,inaccurate, obtuse, obstinate, recalcitrant, or of questionable competency, but he is never “wrong”. (This used to be a sign on the wall at my old office- or something rather like it, anyway.)

What’s honestly the difference? It sounds like the sign just wants to make excuses for the customer.

As an engineer, part of what I do is examine broken things, and inform the customer what they’ve done wrong, which they all say they haven’t done.

What you have to be careful of is when telling them you know they’re lying…

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