And to think, some people used to say D&D caused suicide.

Yeah… that one was Bonkers on it’s face.

Even if every single so-called “incident” of a “D&D-related suicide” were actually a suicide, or related to D&D (and many of those weren’t), then the suicide rate for D&D players was around 1/10th of the National average.

That info would have been readily available to anybody looking into gaming in the mid-80s

Social panics are never about FACTS AND STATISTICS. They are about getting something banned because they don’t like it for reasons completely unrelated to facts and statistics. Making up numbers is a means to an end, not the actual impetus.

This thread reminds me of when Earth was going to pass throug Haley’s Comet’s tail, and scientists found out that one of the gasses in the tail was cyanogen, which is pretty deadly. Then, people began to panic that the cyanogen would kill everyone on Earth, and mass panic ensued, despite basically the entire scientific coommunity saying, “The cyanogen isn’t gonna kill you.” It’s a great example of how misusing data is stupid and will create panic.

As I recall it, a psychologist (or psychologists) wanting to make a name for themselves had statistics proving their case! Proving it, I say! What it amounted to was that the statistics for suicide among high-strung, creative types nicely overlaid with D&D players. Not surprising, considering those types were often attracted to D&D.

Facts: They can prove anything you want them to, with a little elbow grease and conveniently ignoring what doesn’t fit your theories.

Last panel is concentrated HNNNNGH.
Nina’s face is adorable, and Mike holding his team together is pretty neat too.

Suicidal? Never!!!!111!!!!!elevensies

Contemplating homicide? Now that’s a whole different kettle of fish.
As a gamer one tends to have a higher level of creativity and more times than not a lot more forward thinking and scenario building. Luckily for management it was a lack of motivation and resources that prevented the creative demise of management types.
I think it was around this time that I discovered BOFH on The Register.
[biting the hand that feeds I.T.] which had a tendency to parallel my creativity along the same lines.
Oh my yes I did add a mains connector to a 10BASE2 cable which I tagged “Do Not Use” to the service drawer a week before I left.

Nice! BOFH is my outlet when dealing with the (L)user and Manglement

To be clear, most users are not that bad, but the small number who would be improved by blunt force head trauma or a lobotomy can ruin a day

For all those people who have worked in retail, + retail stores, there is the webcomic, Punch an’ Pie [R], by Aeire + Chris Daily.

You can find it here: http://punchanpie.keenspot.com

The webcomic is about a girl named Angela, who works at a toy store.

Oh, wow! It has been so long since I’ve had more than half a dozen webcomics I follow that I had completely forgotten about keen!

In related news, I’m almost done earning my A&P license!

(Airframe and Powerplant. Aircraft mechanic’s license.)

Wow, congratulations on the A + P license! That sounds cool! :D

Glad to have told you about keenspot still existing.
They have an article on wikipedia, titled, Keenspot. also-

www [dot] diamoncomics [dot] com

(aka Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.), sells print books, i.e. paper books, of some of keenspot’s webcomics.

Cheers! :) :)

“As a gamer one tends to have a higher level of creativity and more times than not a lot more forward thinking and scenario building.”


Nina: “I’m just excited” about the idea of being a witch.

Ed: That makes two of us.

Just about everything Nina says and does is a delight to me. For me, she’s that girl. I know she’s just a comic character but she’s a lot like a friend I once had, so she seems almost real. I’d love to meet another Nina.

my reason to keep going? spite. lotta shit’s tried to kill me over the course of my 33 years.
my continued existence is a giant middle finger to them all.

Funny, that’s so me tonight. For some reason the closing shift always seems to put me in a foul mood… Thanks for sharing your comic, once again it’s bringing me out from some darkness. (My suicidal thoughts are also at bay, so seriously thank you so much for what you do.)

Haven’t seen anything to endanger the current pairings yet and haven’t seen any real heartbreaks………

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