tell me about it. Haven’t slung dice in an actual session in years at this point.

Used to GM with a young married couple. I warned them about getting pregnant, as it would keep them away from the gaming table for about 18 years. But did they take my advice? N-o-o-o-o! Ended up with her in the other room feeding babies and changing diapers while the guy tried to concentrate on the game. That lasted until the next one came along…

But I did get to run their oldest through her first role-playing scenario at 8 years old…

Angry Nina is…disturbingly attractive…for a cartoon. Pardon me while I go re-examine my life for a moment.

You find a cartoon attractive? One of us… one of us…

X2. Hmm….Carol printed pillows….got a merchandising idea for you Jackie…you might have to lower your moral standards a little…but that’s a scenario most artists are confronted with eventually, isn’t it?

“Pardon me while I go re-examine my life for a moment.”

Is that what they call it now?

I prefer “I’ll be in my bunk!”.

Hidden under the Blankey of security hugging MrStuffyBear while quietly muttering and/or weeping to oneself. [yes/no/both]

Weighted body pillow, thank you very much. I’m a big boy and don’t need nobody. LOL. I made that comment because I haven’t looked at any cartoon in the past like 20+ years and had that thought pop in my head. Just for the math reference, 37. 38 on July 11th, yay me.

Roll20 helps for about 2 weeks-months at a time. Occasionally your have a 6 month group, but rarely longer. Those expectations really template my home brews.

It’s true. A group of my friends scattered across two time zones ran a three-year game with a combination of Skype and Roll20.

We used Roll20 for a few months have a lot of fun playing. The problem was that I changed my schedule (they are all night shift people on the end of the week, so we played front end) to days front end.

But that happens, and now I play with a group that started as an Adventure League group and is now independent (Wizards decided that AL games no longer count towards establishing WotC presence in brick and mortal game stores, which dis-incentivized us to keep playing Adventure League – a bad decision in my book).

WotC under the direction of HASBRO [imperial march here] has made some really horrible decisions over the years.

In fairness, Wizards of the Coast also made some horrible decisions without Hasbro’s help.
Heck, TSR made some horrible decisions all on their own too, only reason Wizards could afford to buy them. But I guess that’s what happens when the CEO sincerely believes that anyone interested in the company’s products is subhuman garbage.

I guess I’m pretty lucky that my group has managed to get together every other week or so for a couple years now. Though each session is only 2-3 hours, so we haven’t gotten super far.

My group gets together at least once a year for the last couple of decades at Origins – used to also include GenCon but that event went the way of ComicCon and is not fan friendly.

There’s a website for that now. Its called Rolegate. Multithreaded chat for description, speech, and out of character chat, and an inbuilt dice roller.


Full disclosure, yes that’s a referral link. If you prefer, just lop off everything after .com and I don’t get anything out of it. Seriously, check it out, its cool.

Scheduling is the death of all games. Seems the only ones I can get going anymore are online ones and that’s only cuz they’re a bit more flexible.

My group of 40-somethings and our teen kids just finished the Lost Mines of Phandelver, and that only took us a year and a half. Yeah, scheduling’s a bitch.

There’s Nina looking like a rabbit again. Without her teeth in the frame. A cute bunny rabbit.

Feels like it’s been forever since she was in the comic.

And we’re achieving levels of sexy pout that shouldn’t even be possible.

Cuteness: natural 21? WTF?? How the heck did she roll a 21 cuteness with 3 D6? Physics says “can’t be done”. How’d she Do that?

I think a book from the Call of Cthulhu [R] role playing game, said something like this:
“Charisma is the skill to convince other to do what you want,

Captain Kirk has a 110% score in charisma….but YOU never will!”

I have always had a relatively easy time keeping a group together. I ran a 5 year Runequest group, a 2 1/2 year Pathfinder group, and played in a just over 1 year Pathfinder group.
We do have some people that cannot be there every week, but there is 5 or 6 of us at least in each session.
I know how hard it is to get groups together I guess I just have been lucky.

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