Given the size of the girls, she prolly has to wear a bar like Monica over at Wapsi Square – made of rebar and kevlar.

Argh. “bra”

Once you get to that size, your options are: reduction, nerve damage, or corsets. Given the shaping, I’d say she’s heading for nerve damage. Granted, this is a comic, and comic physics don’t always correspond to real-world physics.

best way to refer to cold weather. “it’s a wee tit nippily”. Don’t change expression, don’t take anything back.

Now this is interesting. _Can_ girls get icicles on their vaginas?

On their labia, sure; that’s about as likely as a guy getting an icicle on his scrotum. But the vagina is the inside bit (up until but not including the cervix), so unless she’s prolapsed, it’s extremely unlikely from simple weather effects.

…well that was a vivid imaginery.
Never thought I would one day worry about an imaginary girl getting frostbite on her inner organs.

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