Minus 10 points to Thomas for forgetting the law of Ninjas.
Their effectiveness is inversely proportional to their quantity.

Is that a Dr.McNinja reference I read? That was good.

Not exactly. It’s the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu:
“In any battle involving ninja, each side has a finite amount of ninjutsu that must be divided amongst that side’s ninja. Thus, a single ninja has all of his side’s ninjutsu, and is exponentially more powerful than his thousand ninja opponents.”

Thus the most effective ninja is the one that doesn’t exist? The Law of Ninjas needs a corollary: excepting instances of pirate involvment, the ninja effectiveness threshold is a function of positive integers.

I can already bet that Brooksie is somewhere close by listening. Either that, or she’s going to appear any second now.

the ninjs that doesn’t exist is the ultimate ninja, because if you dont exist, noone can EVER see you or find you, or know your there. which are what ninja strive for

Actually, using Calculus, we can not only pin-point that which does not exist, but predict it’s movements.

Now that statement stands in complete opposition to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that some pairs of physical properties, such as position and momentum, cannot be measured simultaneously above a certain degree of accuracy. Therefore you can EITHER pin-point a given object’s location, OR predict it’s movement.

On the other hand, a non-existent object can be pinpointed in both location and movement–as long as the total time elapsed is over the energy threshold for time-energy variations. . . .

Love this comic, not only is the comic itself amazing, the comments are too! it’s like getting three or more great comics/jokes for the price of one!
hypothetical question: what would the inverse ninja law say by about a ninja who has the strength of ten ninjas?

Quite simple. The strength of 10 ninjas in 1 would make 1 ninja even more effective. Strength of 10 in 1. Less to hide, more behind any attack.

Nae. Due to the Law of conservation of Ninjutsu, the strength of 10 ninjas 10/10=1 is equal to the strength of one ninja 1/1=1 and therefore a ninja with the strength of ten ninjas is the same as a ninja with the stength of a ninja, who is just a plain ninja.

…Wait, have I just proven that all ninjas have the same strength? Because that collapses the Law!

No, the law applies to ninjas working in groups. Conservation of ninjutsu has nothing to do with the power of ninjas relative to other ninjas, it just means that their power decreases (relative to their individual power) in groups. A ninja with the power of 10 ninjas is similarly not affected, since she isn’t working in a group with herself. However, she would be weaker if there were two of her.

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