2026 Sadness Vs Boobs.

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The struggle is real.

I’ve never been into Lego boats so I don’t know when this started, but they’re selling ones now that have a molded hull that attaches to a baseplate so they actually float. I think that’s neat & a good idea. I don’t have much use for boats since I mainly make buildings, but if ever I made a marina, or something, it’s good to know.


Honestly, I can’t fault him for that frame of mind. I think breasts are an approved treatment for depression; got to check with my girlfriend.

I had a floating lego boat back when I was a kid, actually. Set 4011 Cabin Cruiser. The hull is still in the tub of assorted legos my kids play with, I believe. There’s even an attachment point on the bottom for a small electric motor. Was pretty neat stuff.

I had that one! I always wanted one of those motors.

You can actually yank the motor out of any controller with a rumble feature (ie, Gamecube) and hook it up to a AAA battery, then attach plastic rotors cut out of a milk jug.

I would just say to buy the motor at Radio Shack, but you know.


Lego has had floating boats for over 40 years; sets 314 (police boat) and 316 (fire fighter boat) were available in 1978 (if not earlier).

I’ve never seen one before now.

Some of the larger LEGO-sites allow you to see previews of the sets they sell, & the largest sites might even include images for discontinued sets.

It’s a visual feast, for the eyes of those nostalgic “Brick”-ers, among us.

I do hope Carol is going to get off Thomas’s back at some point… haranguing somebody inclined to negative thoughts does basically nothing to improve their mindset, plus it hardly impacts upon his ability to function, so why does she need to stick her oar in?

“Sadness Vs Boobs.”
“The struggle is real”

This is profound. I see now.

Sadness, by definition, is the absence of bosoms.

Or their manifestation on the male anatomy for some.
Would they have as much appeal if both genders were adorned with them in such abundance I wonder?
It would put a whole new twist to the phrase “Bosom buddies”.

Okay, I need to get caffeinated with a side of “that’s way too much sugar”.

Hmmm… I want moar bosoms, but I’m not sure if they mix well with male physiology. At least for my aesthetics. A question for the ages.

All I know is you need moar bosoms & less sugar, N0083rp00F.

Sugar is the deliverer of diabetes, whom deliverers kidney failure, heart failure, & retinopathy.

Bosoms deliver only happiness & joy.

Please be well, N0083rp00f. The world needs cynosures of feminine beauty.

Guys just aren’t that complicated: they can only think about one thing at a time, and it’s generally from a very short list.

It’s interesting to me how Carol took the quote, because I knew exactly where it was from. Yet, I never thought of it as a sad quote before. Though I can see how, on its own, it might strike people so. I read it in the context of a shared religious background, so it strikes me as poignant but also hopeful, rather than sad. Going across the river of death to a heavenly rest.

I think for Jackson it was the final utterance of a devout man who truly believed that he had fulfilled his god given purpose on the earth & was being called home. The overall theme, however, is still death & the acceptance of it. It’s melancholy at best, given the context in which it was said.

Go to youtube and look for rc lego submarines. Guy built a couple, ran them around a pool and then blew them up with firecrackers/ depth charges. Same guy builds rc planes and recently built an electric ultra-light big enough to ride in(for short distances.) Really neat stuff that’ll make most of us feel like even bigger underachievers.

Looking at Jackie’s twitter feed:

Yes, I remember when Marvel Comics did ads, in printed comic books, of superheroes promoting [Hostess?] Fruit Pies.

The tv cartoon, Dexter’s Laboratory / dexter’s lab, did a parody of that.

Let’s see if I can put a link to the D L cartoon, here:


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