So, is he going to ask her to marry him, or what?

Still a bit soon, but if he has any brains he’s learning jewelry lingo so he can shop for a ring properly. (I tagged along with a buddy when he was researching engagement rings, and you’d be astonished what’s involved with diamonds alone.)

I always find it fascinating in how people, especially in the states, have bought into the propaganda from the diamond cartels.

I still have my grandparents rings – set of gold for formal use and iron for everyday wear.
Grandma’s are worn to half the thickness of Grandpas.
There were definitely no diamonds involved.

Historically, I blame Queen Victoria. ;)

But Seriously. Like 90% of all wedding BS brides put us through happens because her wedding established a fashion-trend.

I know that they’re a good match and have chemistry between them, but I’m still amazed at how Carol isn’t actually tired of him being such a downer all of the time

Some people genuinely like being around sad types or their opposite. It’s a weird “I need to fix it” thing or they just genuinely don’t get tired of it. Like some of my friends, idk how they can put up with my depression mood swings at all but we’ve been friends since school and they’re pretty understanding.

Hello. I am a genuinely sad depressive person. I always have some new small problem I consider highly annoying. I’m rarely happy, and when I’m happy I often don’t consider it something worth noting or responding to, I just don’t have the energy.

Amongst my group of friends, the majority of them are fairly certain that I am the most reliably ‘there’ person who will try to find some way to help them should they come into a problem. They all know my personality and all the shitty little ticks I have, and often, they need their time free of me. And both sides know this, although sometimes they’ll try to ‘fix’ me, they also know that this creates more problems, it’s just a reflex.

The sad fact of the matter is, having someone who’s a downer around? It’s not always about when they’re a downer. Sometimes it’s about who will go get some goddamned shovels if you kill someone, or will drive across the country, or will loan you a good chunk of money and consistently ‘forget’ to ask about it to make sure you can stabilize in a rough situation. A person is not just themselves in neutral, some people are what they are in bad times, and some are what they are in good times, and sometimes, the guy who’s a downer is already USED to it when you’re in a rough experience and will actively know what to say and do to help you claw out of it, or will just absolutely be there for you and won’t consider your sad moment a problem at all.

Besides, philosophical bullshit shooting nihilistic talking is fun.

“When you tell me things will be fine it sounds like it might actually be true.” Jackie, this line hit me hard. I have now outlived, all the people in my life, that did this for me.

Goddamn what dialog. I don’t understand how you can start a page making a joke about tits and end it, two panels later, with something that moves me near to tears. Jackie, you have a goddamn gift, and you keep giving it to us in this comic.

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