None of us blame you, as yet unnamed blue dude. I hope that Jess’ puppet is as cute as she is. If however Jo finds herself enmeshed in this and gets her own too, then the cuteness might reach a fatal concentration!

Wouldn’t we ALL like a felt job, honestly?

Keeping Jess camera-facing isn’t a bad idea either. Just look at the new G4, or rather, the smoking crater where it once was.

You try so hard to deliver us a puppet-themed antics. Every penny you earn on patreon and subscribe star is well-earned.

Did i do the felt job thing right?

Squeee! This is turning out to be one of the best arcs ever (across =all= the webcomics I read)! It wins the internets hands down.

Ok. I can no longer wait to comment until I catch up all the way.

I have been reading from the start of the archives–and all your commentary and your readers’ comments–since October 2022. Your story and its characters drew me in and kept me avidly in, your art is very good, and all the comments (yours and everyone else’s) make me feel connected. I really love this comic! And I frickin’ LOVE this puppet arc!!!!! I’m with Fredcritter. Best. Arc. Ever! As it happens, the first page I saw when I peeked ahead, back then, was the first page where we see the puppets. I had no idea that first glimpse would lead to something so glorious! I have laughed so much.

Thank you, Jackie. Heartfelt thanks. Take care. Truly.

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