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You see this kind of thing in manga all the time, in many different ways. Of course it’s in a lot of media because this is just some common human domination tactic that seems to just exist in us as a species. It’s aggressive but in the context of this relationship not the same as if it was two people who aren’t a couple. Of course from Ed’s perspective he should be in Nina’s place, but knows he doesn’t have the body to do so, which must be irritating. Then again, his girl is being playfully aggressive towards him, which is nice. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the reality of what we are.

My dentist adventure was fine. I had a little trouble with my nose deciding to close up about a minute before it started, but I managed to keep breathing other ways until it decided to work again. Not ideal, but what are you gonna do, right?

We went to Ollie’s after and I found a Lego book that had a zombie figure I didn’t have, so that will be nice for my haunted house set. They didn’t have any manga unfortunately. I would have liked to find cheap copies of series I don’t have. That place is always a grab bag though.

Anyway, not a very interesting story, but that’s basically my entire brand. If you would like to fund more stories of very low stakes drama please use the links above. I would appreciate it.

Alright, until Monday, may the deity of your choice keep you safe. Or, if that’s not your thing, may the universe continue to not care about you in a way that doesn’t result in your death.


I’d argue most people LIKE to be dominated, sometimes, by the right person in the right context. And for a decent-sized chunk of that population, they like to dominated more generally. I think Ed’s problem is less about his height (although I wouldn’t say it’s entirely irrelevant) and more refusing to accept that fact. He wants to be in charge of things, to make decisions, to “drive the plot”, so to speak, but that’s not his reality; Jess, Thomas, Carol, even Nina, all do that to/with him, and he’s along for the ride. That’s not to say he’s entirely passive, or that he should be entirely passive, but I get the distinct sense he’s been the consistent troublemaker because he feels like he should “do something” and basically lead, but he doesn’t entirely know how, or when, and so he just puts his foot in his mouth and starts fights. But I think he’s starting to accept that now, that he’s not top dog and that’s okay, that letting other people make decisions that affect you isn’t bad if they are better at making decisions than you are and they can be trusted to have your best interests at heart when they make them.

Or maybe I’m entirely off-base. That’s just how I see it. So many people are raised being told to be a “leader” that they just sort of expect to be one, and think all it requires is being stubborn and demanding and to make things go your way. But you need far fewer leaders than you need followers, and even most leaders are still, in turn, followers of others too. But we don’t teach our kids that–we teach them mindless obedience as children, and then tell them to be independent adults and “be the boss”, but not the middle ground most people naturally should be in; a degree of independence and control, but largely following those more capable. Choosing who to follow, and when, is a more widely-used skill-set than being the unquestioned leader, but rarer to see.

Complex range of emotions, indeed…
Including the “Death By Snu-Snu” option becoming increasingly real… ;)

Nina getting the spoil-the-fun face-poker out of the way already is a good move there.
“Poor” Ed… He’s in for a ride… ;)

I can’t speak for Ed being irritated or not, but I want to be in Ed’s position but I have a body like Nina’s so here I am experiencing the complete flipside, I can say that my situation is certainly irritating, so I can imagine his is too


Don’t forget to vote and give the comic and it’s creator all the love, happy Easter and to those who don’t celebrate, have a rocking day!!!

Wow. Big 2500.

I was browsing back to the archives today and i found the strip where I started… #655.

So I realized that I have now been a fan for longer than I wasn’t one.
And I felt oddly honored by the fact.

Kabedon position feels so uncomfy IMO. Not that I’ve been in that position often enough to feel that, I just hate that manga trope. Maybe Ed could do “cicada block” if he really wants to be over her lol

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