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Went to the doctor today at the new place. It was stressful on many levels. My blood pressure is a bit too high still. I’ve been working on that so hopefully by next time I’ll have it back under control. Tomorrow I go to the dentist to have cavities repaired, which isn never fun of course. It’s also a bit earlier which is not ideal since my sleep patterns are not as fluid as they once were. Anyway, it is what it is. I’ve got to get my shit under control or die young basically. I guess we can go on that adventure together.

I had better not tarry overlong here since the page is already late by my self imposed rules. As always any support provided via the links above would be appreciated. To those of you who have been supporting me all along, a genuine thank you. I will see you on Friday if God wills it so. Until then, be well.


Good luck at the dentist tomorrow, and I hope you’ll get your blood pressure under control. …Although having work done on multiple cavities probably isn’t going to do much good for the old blood pressure, at least not in the short run. ;-)

You’ll get there. I’ve had a diabolic diastolic myself. Hope knowing we’re rooting for you helps, just as your stories do for me. Like the man said, love yourself, too.

Ooo! Ask for the good stuff to knock you out for the dental work! At least will get some guaranteed deep sleep that way. And they might find out during that you do XYZ thing In your sleep that they can recommend and easy fix for. Multipurpose dental visit!

It’s a good thing thar Corporate didn’t decide to install cameras in the ceiling covers last week, Nina.

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