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Okay, first of all thanks to Andrew, Stanistani, Joh Chua, and Mal. I received your gifts at various times but kept moving the notes around my room and just found them.

Secondly, thanks for all the advice on headphones. It’s pretty clear what brands are trusted. Now I at least know the names.

Thisrdly I have a headache and want to lay down, so I’m not going to write anything more apart from my reminder that if you’d like to support my work please use the links above.


You’re quite welcome! Just want you to have some fun, without the worry of spending money you need elsewhere. Your work is entertaining and relaxing.

Dang. I was hoping to see Vicky and John. Still like this couple a lot, too.

This combination reminds me of a couple I knew from college, roughly the same comparative proportions. My wife met them once and commented how lucky the dude was because it put his face right about at the level of her boobs.

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