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There are some chicks who got together to make a comic collection called the Womanthology, which I endorse based on the wordplay alone.  It’s only for girls to make so they can showcase their comic making powers in spite of having vaginas, or maybe because of having them.  You guys who don’t make comics may not have heard of this, but it’s been all over the channels for people like me for weeks now.  I’m not going to find the link because surely you guys can find it yourselves…

I tend to only get one side of the story on stuff like this because for the most part I just don’t care, but the whole thing amuses me because of something I know must be happening somewhere.

There is a dude stewing in his mancave right now because of this.  He’s so mad that this project excludes him that he’s blogged about how unfair it is, argued about it in the comments of other comics, and generally been miserable about the whole thing.  I haven’t actually seen any of this, but I KNOW it has to have happened.  And on top of it all, he’s planning the Manthology because “our voices have to be heard too!”

The very concept of this theoretical man amuses me to no end.  Much like how Reggie amuses me.   He’s just so righteously indignant because of this perceived injustice.  Every time the projects gets some press, or the kickstarter funding increases, he burns with an even greater passion than before, and he redoubles his efforts to create the Manthology.  He has no idea that what he’s making isn’t special because most anthologies are manthologies by accident.  His friends just shake their heads and walk away when he starts ranting.

If I wasn’t busy doing other stuff I would write the story of this misguided soul.

This page showcases our new fan favorite character, the world’s happiest soda bottle.   Why is it so happy?  You’d be happy too if Nina was going to suck on you.


I can’t say as I’m particularly upset over a womanthology, but it does seem to me that it is part of an ongoing injustice. Yes, women tend not to be as prevalent in comic-dom, and yes they tend to get the metaphoric shaft (I’m looking at you, DC), by the same token were there to be a Manthology set up specifically to exclude women (and first. One done in response would end up making the person trying to get it started to be some sort of antisocial weirdo) then there would be a backlash of people calling it discrimination (and rightly so). However, when women exclude men, it is still discrimination, but societally we don’t see it that way. Because Women have been getting the short end of the stick for years. And not the one carved smooth, highly polished, and loaded with a vibrational attachment. Okay, they’ve been getting that stick too, but that’s really not the point here, is it?

Personally, I really don’t care about a Womanthology in that it is for/by/about/whatever women, but do care about whether it is (or appears to be, since this is a Capitalist based economy for the most part) interesting. Just the same, I can understand theoretical man’s sense of injustice. I don’t particularly care for his theoretical response, but I am an antisocial weirdo anyway, so it doesn’t really matter to me how I come across. Also, I’m a life long fan of women. Go vagina havers!

See, I have this same opinion about certain adult comic sites. In particular, Slipshine and Filthy Figments. FF is done by women and women only. Why? No idea. Slipshine on the other hand, is done by men, women, even creatures we don’t yet understand( if you’ve ever read anything by CHEEZY WEAPON in there, you’d know what I’m talking about). The guy running SS has been accepting new artists lately, and most of them women, so I don’t see a point to separating. Then again, I am a dude, and don’t understand the ‘struggle’ and ‘discrimination’ as it were.

Also, it may be the grammar nazi in me, but I have to point this out: antisocial and unsocial are two entirely different things. If you are UNsocial, you are introverted and shy and whatnot. ANTIsocial means you are against society and most likely a demented sociopath who eats baby tigers for the fun of it. I apologize if I was being rude, but the ‘antisocial’ thing was bugging me.

I am a traditional cynic in the style of Diogenes the dog. the short of it is that I feel society is inherently corrupt, and while not quite at a sociopath level I feel that I am antisocial. I am not particularly introverted nor shy (When people suggest such I have begun listing random, ‘uncomfortable’ fact about myself. At one point this led to weighing out my penis in semi-public to prove I wasn’t lying.

So, yes, I am against society at least in a general sense. I don’t eat baby tigers. Housecat kittens are enough, and I prefer my meat a bit less tender than most young meats can provide, thank you very much.

Parts of that were intended to be humorous. Other parts were dead serious. I’ll let you guess at which is which.

I see this Womanthology thing as another spoke in that great beribboned wheel of pink marketing. It is just so blatant and in-your-face, shouting the “Help Help I’m being repressed”.

In this open and free age of “The Net” an artist does not NEED to reveal their gender to anyone and publish here in the weird wilds of the net. Their work will speak for them. Now NA Style comics are a bit harder to get off the ground compared to Manga style books – sales racks the world over attest to that. But it does not matter to the audience if the work is not crap. Unfortunately the corporate stuff can be crap and still make it in the market. (waves at DC/Marvell)

How exactly do people make the leap from “I have specific genitals” to “my genitals make me special”? This “Womanthology” stuff just smacks of gimmicky discrimination.

Can’t speak for printed comics… but so far as webcomics go, there is an absolutely inordinate amount of female representation out there.
In fact, most of the artistically superior webcomics out there are done by women. There are plenty of couples doing webcomics for that matter, usually with the fem doing the art and the mal doing the writing…

In any case, there are already plenty of special women’s projects out there… geared towards spreading the feminazi agenda and waging war on rational discourse. They throw around their “women are oppressed, men can’t ever understand” stuff, understandably get criticism, respond to said criticism with something resembling Linkin Park lyrics before attacking the critic’s character in a mass outraged rabble.
There might even be one or two out there that are not raging loonies… but I doubt such people would engage in exclusion projects anyway.

It brought up by the creator himself, haha.
That is ONE happy bottle!

I suppose this time, Perfessor, that the bottle is still happy because it is now close to Nina’s child-bearing hips? Haha

I have seen this Manthology. I’ve heard it contains many top hats and monicles, and perhaps robotic dinosaur riding. There was also a tale of bear fighting, ending with a punch sent straight to said bear’s toothy maw. A gentlemanly venture if there ever was one, I can tell you.

This theoretical man of yours sounds a lot like the guy over at the Bad Webcomics wiki, a website devoted to being dicks about other peoples’ artistic expressions. You can read every entry about every comic on there, and not find a single piece of constructive criticism.

Between failures isn’t on there, at least. Nor is Misfile, I’m happy to say.


Oh, dear! Women should not be allowed to write anything, much less draw sequential art. After all, it could effect their — ahem — reproductive capabilities. I cite Beatrix Potter and Elizabeth Barret Browning — the first barren, the second miscarried several times before a live birth. Charlotte Brontë died in childbirth, her sisters Emily and Anne were too sick to wed and died without issue, as did the unfortunate Jane Austen. Clearly, a literary career diminishes a young woman’s chances of having children, and may even hasten her early demise.

(Let the flaming begin…) B{)}

@Gran Sorceror Davidicus–

Yeah, that works for me…


I’m a major supporter of equality. I believe that factors such as gender should not be taken into account when judging people and assigning rights. Because of this, I do not support the idea of a “womanthology,” but creating a manthology in retaliation is just as bad, as it promotes the idea of “separate but equal” which has been proven not to work. In the end, the most I can do is just read whatever comics I want, regardless of the author’s gender, and ignore the womanthology altogether.

Glad I waited to make a post before other people did. I think the womanthology is an interesting idea, especially if it gets names out there. But an anthology should have a theme that makes it worth buying. If you remove the gender out of the equation and it loses its theme, it wasn’t really an anthology, was it.

Even if it’s for the wrong reasons, this hypothetical man has a point. A womanthology is no better than a manthology.

She thinks that he was told the three words, she better hurry and say what she really said before things get fighty

yeah well being held between her tits probably doesnt hurt the bottles feelings at all either

anyway yeah carols all like what i thought you wanted us together did you like tell him you like him or something

There are people up in arms over it mostly because it is funded by kickstarter and “where is all that money going?!? grar!!!” They do say that there are plans for a second book and maybe a “manthology” down the road. But, you know, it’s the internet. Give someone a keyboard and they’ll find something to bitch about.

(not plans… just they see the possibility for these things in the future but there are no concrete plans.)

There should be a porn artists collection and call it pornology. It would contain porn for every sex and wouldn’t be as discriminating against either sex.

… unless the non-porn artists get offended. lol

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