649 Dickey Kong.

For the record, I only kind of hate Donkey Kong.  For whatever reason he always seemed to have it in for me in Mario Kart DS.  In Mario Kart Wii I seem to recall hating Funky more.  In any event the moral is never trust a monkey.

I really disliked the SNES Donkey Kong.  Country just didn’t do it for me.  In fact no revamped DK title did until Mario VS Donkey Kong.  He was tolerable in other games, like golf or what have you.  Games where he and that bastard Diddy weren’t the focus.  I did like DK in Smash Brothers though.  Smash Brothers bought it back for me.  Now DK and I have more of a friendly adversary relationship, rather than me just hating him outright.  Diddy Kong can still suck it though.  His super in Brawl is annoying as all get out.


I fully concur. Fuck, Donkey Kong.

“What did I tell you, Twitchy? NEVER trust a monkey.”
“Yeahyeah, never trust a monkye boss, NEVER TRUST A MONKEY.”

sorry. It was the first thing that popped into my head, despite Donkey Kong not being a bunny.

Mario V Donkey Kong is the only game in my collection that is guaranteed to induce a bout of Tourette’s.

DK deserved every bit of ire and venom the player spat in his direction in that game.

Diddy was alright in the TV show, but you’re right about him being annoying as heck in Brawl!
Especially when my pal Jimmy Breau plays him. *shudder*
Anyway, I’ve never actually played Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. I kinda want to give it a shot now, though…
I have played “March of the Minis”, and honestly that one was kinda… meh.

I remember, way back when the original Smash Bros. came out, having to explain to a four year old my mom was babysitting why I was beating up Donkey Kong in a video game. I wish I could remember what I said, because I know it was some of the best quick thinking I’ve ever done.

Ah Donkey Kong… I remember back in the early 80’s when the local greasy spoon got that arcade machine in. Instant hit, and devourer of quarters. In fact that was the whole reason we got the Atari 2600 the same year Coleco released it for the system.

Yes I’m old.

The first video game I remember being super popular was Pac-Man, but I didn’t really get completely obsessed with a home game until Super Mario Brothers. I think that was in my early teens or something.

Hey there. Just ran across your webcomic. I work third shift at a hotel. About 3 hours of work a night packed into 8. So I had plenty of time to take a look at your work. I really like your characterizations. I also like the art style. Nice, clean and simple while still looking finished. Also, yeah…I am an older guy and I remember the days of the original console Donkey Kong. Kicking his ass became serious mission for me for a while, back in the day. I look forward to reading more and will most likely be checking in every few days. Thanks for sharing this with us.

If I were you I’d get back to the first comics and start reading. I know I had a hell of a great time reading them all and the storylines are worth it.

To be honest, I’m not much of a webcomic guy: I only follow xkcd (what can I say, geekness overflow) and Between Failures. And I don’t miss a single update!

So, just to pile in, to the writer: Absolutely GREAT work. I never had the patience to follow anything other than xkcd until I found your work.

Thanks for screwing over your place of employ to read my work. It’s a particularly appropriate way to enjoy it. XD I look forward to having you around.

Jess’ propensity for hanging out with her brother in just her skivvies is a little weird.

I mean, hell…*I’M* not complaining. but if MY sister did that? I’d leave the house until she put some damn pants on.

Their minimum level of coverage to feel normal around each other appears to be underthings. Ed requires one more article of apparel than Jess does though.

Well, I just finished reading the archives. I’m disappointed I don’t have more, but then again, I can get back to work no. I ended up liking this comic a lot better than I expected to, the art style really grew on me and the characters are excellent and very well developed. Definitely adding to my feed.

I must say though, you absolutely kicked the crap out of Questionable Content for slow-moving stories. Not that I really mind that much but I have the same feeling of being impatient to see how things play out as I did when I discovered that one a few weeks back. Keep up the good work!

I’m glad I was able to win you over. The first two parts are complete stories with definite end points, so I took as long as I needed to tell them.

I never liked DK. The games were OK, DK Country for the SNES was pretty cool when it came out. The graphics were like nothing else out there at the time, but Donkey Kong always had one of those vacant, slappable faces. Whenever I played, I just wanted to give it a couple swats with a 2X4, loosen a couple teeth maybe.

This immediately made me think of a story which is a bit long to rewrite for all of you – at least on someone else’s webpage. It would be kinda rude to take up a page and a half like that.
Instead, just search for ‘I like monkeys’. You’ll know when you have the right one, because the pet store is selling them for 5 cents apiece.

Thank you for that reminder, the laughs still bring tears to my eyes.
Also, thank you for this delightful webcomic. The first book holds a space in my heart and my bookshelf.

Donkey Kong is a wimp. He regularly gets his ass kicked by dolls. That takes a special level of wimpitude that no being should admit too.

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