698 Tiny Heart.

I have had a couple of strange dreams recently. Though I’ve barely slept because of this cold once I do I seem to get unusual dreams. By my standards anyway.

The other day it was me and a girl reporter trying to infiltrate a mafia headquarters so we could meet with a person they were keeping there. The person in question could change their gender at will and almost never wore clothes. Why they were staying with the Mafia was never explained, but choosing pronouns was difficult.

In another dream I went to a very strange party where there were special brownies with some new drug in. The guy I went with was mad because I lost part of the invitation and he really wanted to try these brownies. Eventually he got some because I found an older lady who knew the host real well. She pulled some strings and got him one. I don’t know why I remember it, but she wore a light tan coat with fuzzy white fringes.

In the first dream the mafia boss was Marlon Brando from The Godfather. I mean it really was just that character and actor placed in my dream. In the second dream the whole thing was like a Micheal Cera movie.


Dude, you don’t know how hard it was getting your website up.

For the past several days I’ve been like :O OH NO. Then just today I tried to load the page and it LOADED and I was like OMG. And then I tried to post a comment and it took like a minute to load the page.

I think you might need some new hosting…

Well well well, considering Nina and Ed have ‘prior engagements’ and the other guys are hunting ghosts, I wonder if the group will hear ‘moans and wails’ and try to investigate…

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