699 Very Bad Things.

As I said in the blog yesterday, I set up a temporary alternate site to help ease the trouble on the main.  http://mgc-projects.info/between_failures/ I’m not sure if the RSS is working there, but each new page will go up there too until I can repair the home site.  Since all the adds work properly it doesn’t matter which one you use.  The alternate just happens to be much faster at the moment.  It doesn’t have the full archive though because there’s no way to quickly create one that I can find and 600 pages of anything takes forever to create.  Just the stuff from Carol’s disguise debacle till now took hours.  You regulars don’t really need the full archive though.

It’s set up as a Comicpress site because the alternate server won’t let me install Webcomic & Inkbot.  They’ve improved a lot of stuff in Comicpress since I used it last, but it’s still super annoying and not intuitive at all to use.  I can’t for the life of me remember how you ad a comic post to Comicpress, so every post is just a blog post with the comic page stuck in.  I would consider that a design flaw.  That’s also why there’s an add directly above the page.  It’s supposed to go banner add, logo, links,  navigation, comic, navigation, blog, add.  I also can’t figure out how to widen the post area, so the page looks elongated.  If you click the image you can easily see it as it’s meant to be seen.

Having used Comicpress & Inkblot pretty extensively, now I can say that neither is very good for presenting a webcomic.  They both have some things they do very well and some things they do very poorly.  If I could pick and choose parts I think I could  cobble together the perfect platform from what each has available now though.  If I had the skills & time I would sit down and make the ultimate comic publishing software for the web.  Alas, I am an artist and as such resigned to our unique doom.


Oh noes! Two sites! Two comics! Two comment feeds! I’m at a complete loss to know now where I should post my comment.

After staring at the two web pages for a few minutes, locked into a holding pattern against myself as I was held by indecision, a solution dawned.

I’ll post the same comment on both sites.

I just wish I’d had the forethought to find something to actually say :(

I thought Tom was just joking about that, unless he just saying that to freak out Reggie a little. Lol i wonder why she needs Tom to the front ;)

Ah, modern corporate theory. How well you mimic largely disabused medical theory.

I’ve actually seen situations like this a time or two. Generally, though, once you get a certain reputation you can kiss the fair shake goodbye. And yes, there are things that will get the whole store fired. Not just because the other employees ‘should have seen something’ and by extension reported it, but because there are certain infractions that the corporate heads see as ‘Too extensive’. that is to say, the metaphoric infection (re: culprit) is there, and it is easier and cheaper to just eliminate the whole organ (re: rest of the staff, too), in favor of a transplant (re:We just hire new and don’t have to pay those bums severance). Hell, I was involved in this same thing more than three different ways.

Kind of makes me miss the seventies, actually…

Excellent. Smithers, my evil plan is working perfectly.

I’ve seen this before — heck, I’ve done this before. You have deadwood headcount, but you need an excuse to fire them. Hire a known problem employee, put the deadwood in charge of training the time bomb, and viola — two birds, one stone.

Glad to be out of middle management.

Just wanted to say I just started reading the series 2 days ago and I really enjoy it hope to see how the story continues to unfold.

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