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I only know six. The traditional five, plus the weak psychic power that everyone has.

Men have their “Sense of Gut” (as in “My gut tells me to do this”) and women have their “Intuition” although we could argue that it’s the same feeling given different names.

Yeah, I count intuition as part of the psychic thing. I lump it all under the heading “Knowing something without prior information or your five main sense telling you.”

Actually it’s been scientifically proven that “intution” and “gut feelings” are psychological in nature. they are the result of information being unconciously processed that you aren’t aware you have access to. for instance knowing there is danger on the other side of the door because sounds too quiet to register conciously were picked up by your subconcious and indicated something hiding its presence was on the otherside. that registers as danger and you get that “bad gut feeling” Also, the psychic power thing is hotly debated, and even if it IS true, it’s an ability, not a sense. for a list of at least 10, here you go.
1. sight (visual sense)

2. hearing (auditory sense)

3. smell (olfactory sense)

4. taste (gustatory sense)

5-8. touch: The skin senses

Because touch involves four different sets of nerves, the skin senses are considered four separate senses:

5. heat

6. cold

7. pressure

8. pain

9. motion (kinesthetic sense)

10. balance (vestibular sense)

Don’t forget sight is processed as two senses: shape and color. One’s processed by the cones and one by the rods, but I forget which is which.

But yeah, “gut” and “intuition” are the subconcious. It does background calculations- basic physics, social function, and tagging input by importance.

Beyond the traditional 5 (sight, sound, smell, taste , & touch) the ones that have the most scientific backing are things like thermoseption (being able to sense heat), equilibrioseption (sense of balance), and proprioseption (the sense of where one part of the body is in relation to another (try touching you finger to your nose with your eyes closed for example)). Some others are things like sense of direction, or spatial awareness, but not everyone agrees on how they’re defined. There are others, but it depends on how you break them down.

As a person who comes from Texas… yeah I blame us too

Personally, I blame Kansas for this one. Although, Texas has probably helped.

I think specifically the blame rests most prominently with the Texas board of education. That said… I think Kansas is in cahoots with them! Kansas is an enabler…

Oh, no! We have sinned grievously, and against so many. We sent you two of the worst presidents in American (make that WORLD) history. We made up for it, a little, by sending comic relief in the form of Dick Perry and Teddy Cruz, but lost major points by making their candidacies anything but the running joke they should have been. I mean, at one point each of those guys was front-runner in the GOP primaries. YIKES!!!!

And then there are the textbooks (and yes, because of its size Texas actually DOES dictate content of many textbooks!). We also have the hateful laws our lege routinely files (and far too frequently passes) that disenfranchise and endanger women, racial and sexual minorities and children.

Of course, we also have our…. well, let’s call it our RELAXED attitude toward environmental safeguards and worker protection – all the things that make Texas such a “business friendly” state. You can come here and dump your chemical waste, abuse your workers when they try to organize or, God forbid, get injured on the job, pay the lowest wages while demanding the most work, condemn private property for corporate gain, and get beau coup tax incentives, to boot! What’s not to love?

So mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! Believe me, if my friends and I could change it we would, in a heartbeat! Sadly, we are just a little blue dot in a vast ocean of red. All we can do is hope that when the gods wreak their vengeance upon the guilty they remember that some of us really did TRY to make a differences!

I’ve been looking at your site through Google Chrome and Firefox, can read your posts, and browse your archive. Are you using a different browser? Or is it just on you side of the Word/Comic Press site? The admin side? It could be a number of things, from an update that went sour, or maybe your code isn’t set to handle below IE 8 or something. *scritch scratch* Dunno, but you might want to try re-installing wordpress and comicpress. If that doesn’t solve it, try their tech support, it’s good, and should help out.

Nothing to say about the senses. Though I liked that response, Anon said it, about gut feelings being something your conscience mind cannot access, but the sub conscience can, and is relayed. I wonder if that could bring about “powers” if experimented with…

It all depends on what you want to call a “sense.”
Everything we know is, in fact, received through five senses.
Five basic inputs for data.
We extrapolate a number of other “senses” which are not truly senses, through our mind’s interpretation of those five.
Sense of balance? That is the sense of touch/feeling
within our inner ears computed against what our eyes see (sense of vision).
Sense of Direction? That is also our mind’s processing what it takes in. It is not a “sense”.
There is no psychic sense. Sorry about that. You are stuck with the five, and no more.

So, if I took you, blindfolded you, gave your earplugs, didn’t give off any smell or taste and encased you in padding to dampen any sense of touch, and either spun you, or dropped you or the like, I think you would be able to tell what I did. By sensing it. You could tell if is it was hot or cold.

All I am hearing is “There are these 5 senses and there there are subsets to those” If a sense falls under a main sense then calling a seperate one makes no sense. It would be like saying an artist is a different genre of music in and of themselves.

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