701 Fuck Ma-Ti.

The site has fought me every step of the way today.  Yesterday it had a spaz, but we were able to fix it by removing the old Comicpress files.  There was a weird moment of peace when the site was down, and it looked like it wasn’t coming back, where I just accepted that I was going to have to start over from square one and there was nothing to do but take it.  Sometimes having choices taken away inversely makes things better.  I think I’ve got a plan to fix things for good and all.  Once I finish this week’s pages I intend to enact it.  With any luck things will finally be repaired and Things can get back to improving like they were before.

I was never a fan of Captain Planet, but I knew of it and the concept and whatnot was hilarious to me.  It’s one of those things you learn about specifically to make fun of.  Not that it’s a bad show compared to its ilk.  It’s just marvelously cheesy a lot of the time.  I can sing the ending theme though.  Not that I will, but I could if called upon so to do.

Anyway, if this whole thing gets people to Youtube looking up Captain Planet that will be enough for me.  Infecting the young with this pop culture reference is a worthy end.


Aw, man. Now I feel old. I was in high school when the kids were watching Captain Planet.

I feel just as old. I was in 2nd grade and it was already about a year or 3 old and had no new episodes! lol. Now I am 18 years old, and looking back at the shows that ran when I was just a kid, I feel like I aged over a hundred years.

It was shown in an episode that Ma-Ti could eventually learn how to mind control humans as well. So think about it, instead of summoning Captain Planet, all they’d have to do is send Ma-Ti to make the bad guys stop being evil.

I like VG Cats’ take on the ‘heart’ power… Ma-ti says “HEART” and the person’s heart rips out of thier chest and into his hand! XD

Since we are talking lame super heroes, let us not forget the South Park reference to Sea-Man and his faithful pet, Swallow. Hee Hee.

Can anyone just call on you to sing the song? Because I would watch a youtube clip of you singing. :-) Unfortunately the show itself was ruined for me after I took my university required environmental science course because it was linked with culture studies and one of our articles pointed out that it deliberately gave the worker powers to the nonAmerican minority characters like Ma-Tai.

I meant weaker powers not worker powers.

Didn’t the little asian girl control the Water? And the black kid could throw the ground at people. I don’t think that article had its facts straight

the earth one was a girl

No, Kwame (male) was earth. Wheeler (male) was fire. Linka (female) was wind. Gi (female) was water. Ma-ti (male) was heart.

Wheeler was the American, Linka was Russian, Gi was Japanese, Kwami was African, and Ma-ti was from South America. I guess the article writer was a closet arsonist who wanted to burn shit up.

When were their nationalities mentioned? Wheeler is introduce as “From North America”, Linka is just mentioned as from the Soviet Union, and later on as Eastern Europe, and Gi is just mentioned as Asia.

I needed this laugh. AT&T is being a royal &!tch right now and work (no I don’t work in retail) is stressful.

Question: Isn’t Nina a little short? Tom is leaning back on the counter. Nina should tower over him, shouldn’t she? According to my internal images of the characters, Nine should be taller than Tom both standing straight (I picture Nina as a 6-foot willowy amazon and Tom as a 5’8 – 5’10 guy — not short but not tall). leaning back a bit, Tom’s head ought to be about perfect height from a guy’s perspective–boob height.

Void where prohibited: My brain could have made Nina over-tall too.

IIRC, Thomas is around 6′ – 6’1″, and Nina’s two or three inches taller than that. But Nina’s not standing up straight here, either – see panel 4.

All I can think of when I think of Aquaman is Frank Caliendo’s standup routine – “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Aquaman is making a peanut butter sandwich, because he can’t do $#|T!”

Actually, Nina is kinda right. The fifth element is called life, or in some cases, wood.

What most people don’t realize about Aquaman is that he lives on the bottom of the ocean. That means he has to be really durable and strong to withstand the pressure.

Meh, nevermind. Aquaman is still kinda lame.

To be precise the Greek philosophy pointed mostly to Aether, and India had Akasha, which both kinda ranged from space, through sky, high/shiny air, to the spirit etc, and in some interpretations life.
Wood would be more Chinese take, but there were more differences as that system also had metal, and didn’t have air, and all five were more equal, as opposed to the first two mentioned ‘fifths’ being kinda of higher order.
Interesingly Japanese system is more like the western ones, but the fifth is Void, so kinda space again.

Mind and emotion control is considered weak?

Can you imagine what he could have done if he had run amok?

And he once elbowed Hitler, too. Props.

Oh, and Aquaman has control over all sea creatures, right? Not counting Cthulhu, keep in mind that the ocean covers what, two thirds of the planet? He could seriously screw up the planet if he had a mind to.

I am overwhelmingly amused by the retro references I read in this comic. Suddenly I’m 11 again every time I come to this site!

Hey! Power of heart allowed him to communicate with everything! As well as working as full projection/reception empathy in a few episodes, allowing him to read and influence emotions of others.

Hey GreenKnight, can I squire for you. I promise if an
arrow comes flying your way I’ll send it back to the enemies
knee. Also, isn’t Bob Barker the New Edgier Captain Planet?

Heart was bad ass he could comunicate over long distance, read minds, comunicate with animals, posses animals, read true intentions, and protect himself, from mind control he actually had more power then any of the others

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