They won’t know until a few years? Why is that? Or better yet, why know at all?

It’s not that there’s any sort of deadline after which men start talking to one another. It’s just that men mostly learn things about their friends by accident. Didn’t you know that?

I have guy friends who I sometimes don’t even know their names, and we get along fine together. It just works that way for guys.

I have guy friends who spill their guts to me….but I’m a female, mildly maternal but momma bear protective, and I don’t let anyone give my friends shit, so maybe I’m seen as safe?

I can see why that would appeal to some folk.

I’m kinda the opposite myself. I prefer to spill to total strangers. More likely to get an unbiased response that way.
Plus I tend to get into fights easy with overprotective people. Can’t really abide sorts who stick their noses into other peoples’ conflicts.

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