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First of all, if a former Subscribestar patron called Mattcraft was trying to contact me please try here, or the site email, or wherever. I got a notification but it was gone when I tried to check. I didn’t get an answer from Subscribe star yet about why it was gone. It may have been a random duplicate notification, but I was just making sure in case it was important.
Should I just plug the Patreon since I started with patron issues? I guess I will. Not super clever, but whatever. They can’t all be high energy, Paul brothers style, bangers.
Yesterday my surface randomly unmounted my sd card, so it couldn’t see the comic files or anything. It happens sometimes, but all you usually need to do is restart the system & it’s fine. Still, for the moments until you do the fear of a failed card, or a failed system are very real. I need to set a reminder to backup my files every however many days. My phone should be able to. There’s really no reason to only remember when something scares me into doing it. It’s irresponsible. Sometimes you just don’t do an obvious thing for whatever reason. Even after I thought of it I didn’t do it because I kept getting distracted. I’m gonna do it as soon as I post this, so I won’t lose progress if something happens. Not really entertaining, but important.

I hesitate to talk about anything else because it just leads to fighting now. Being able to keep things surface level so someone doesn’t pitch a fit in the comments for days at a time is getting pretty difficult. It sneaks up on me sometimes. You post about some everyday subject like glue & some random person comes in from nowhere to tell you why you should be pilloried for using glues. It’s like, fuck, dude. I just wanted to stick a thing to another thing. I can’t really fix millennia of adhesive oppression. I’m just trying to get by in the world like every other schmuck. Whatever though, I guess this is the world now & that’s all there is to it.


There will always be someone who looks for any excuse they can to start shit because they have literally nothing else in their life to fulfill them. Just the same, there will always someone who wants the attention that comes with supposedly putting those first types in their place.

Then there’s types like me who just enjoy watching both types twist themselves into knots as they slowly realize that victory doesn’t matter if one side doesn’t care about winning or losing.

Ah, let people fight. I miss the old days of the internet, before it was cultured, and getting called a string of inapplicable racial and sexual slurs was how we said hello. No social media, no “cred”, no belief in anything without pics–we argued everything and anything with nothing but logic and sources and insults about your mother’s current sexual practices, and if you couldn’t take the heat, you got outta the kitchen. People think it was “mean” but that’s like saying laser tag is similar to actual fire-fights; no one got hurt and anyone could just turn off their computer at any time. Now, the internet is all about curated spaces where you’re just not allowed to be if you don’t hold the right beliefs or you try to talk about anything unapproved, and unaccountable moderators impose their capricious will on folks just trying to have a conversation.

I dunno, even early internet forums/irc/whatever usually had moderators to enforce at least some basic rules. And there’s still plenty of spaces to get into arguments if you really want to. Not to mention, capricious moderators have always been a thing too.

So basically, you want the entire Internet to be like 4chan. That’s what you’re saying?

The funny thing is even 4chan has some amount of moderation. And that’s how 8chan got made. By the kind of people who get banned from 4chan.

And God help you if you managed to find work on the internet. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person will result in a vendetta that pushes for you to not only lose said work, but lose any chance to acquire FUTURE work.

The mentality of everything goes is not better, and the old days of the internet should not be looked up to. The Internet used to be different because it used to an inaccessible to most people. What happens in niche communities can never be applied to large societies, and the internet has become that, a society. The problem we are facing now is that we are once again creating exclusive niche communities, echo chambers that grow that mind set of crudeness and hate, but the internet is so pervasive in our life, we cannot detach from it. Moderation is good, accountability is good. It is sometimes taken too far, but that itself eventually gets moderated. As a whole the internet of today is much better than the internet of yesteryear if for no other reason than it is exclusive. I don’t mind having to show a little self restraint if it means that other people get to benefit from the WWW safely.

I had internet shit-stirrers trying to find me IRL as early as 2000, so I don’t know when this “nobody got hurt” era you’re talking about was. Always nice to find out that campus security has your back.

Only reason I was able to figure out was being openly Jewish, I wasn’t involved in flamewars or anything. That was all the freak needed.

The nobody got hurt era might have been around 1990?

As a person who existed on the internet from around 1990, the “nobody got hurt” era never existed. People got hurt. People were bullied into suicide. People were tracked down and killed.

The only difference is that it was much easier to ignore back then. Especially if you didn’t belong to any sort of marginalized group. No one offline paid attention to the internet back then. Now they do.

Sure there are aspects of the early internet that I miss, but over all, things are a lot better now.

The internet is better now, because you aren’t taking into account scale. The reason internet moderation became a legally protected action was because it was getting out of hand. Are more people getting hurt on the internet today? Absolutely, but the Internet went from a few million to 5 billion users, and the number of users who get hurt grew at a significantly lower rate.

@Bruceski: I am so sorry you had to deal with that. There are always conspiracy theorists, always bigots. I don’t know how it is that we haven’t had that bred out of the gene pool yet, but I keep looking for our better angels. Haven’t found very many,… but the few I found have been awesome.

In terms of trauma it could’ve been worse, I didn’t find out until afterward. A friend of a friend who was part of campus security heard my username and put things together. The guy found my college but not other info. Not sure what he expected.

If it’s a reasonably modern Surface, you might want to set up OneDrive as your working space instead… that way if anything fails, it’s also been backed up to the cloud.

Backing up to the cloud causes you to lose control of your content. The “terms of agreement” let you keep your copyright, but you grant the owner of the server the license to use any of your content that they want at any time without notice, consent or remuneration. How is that different from giving up your copyright?

Hi Jackie – your comment about “glue” made me look back at the last couple of weeks of comments sections here, and I didn’t see anything. That reminded me again that there are many polite and intelligent people who have posted here over the years – I’ve enjoyed reading the past comments sections as well as enjoying your awesome content.

I’ve always been of the belief that the reason why trolls are so rampant in today’s day and age may be the result of bad upbringing on account of autistic stigmatization. Society was so obsessed with upbringing children properly under established norms at the time that the parents and elders didn’t realize that all they were doing were creating powderkegs.

I’m not saying that children shouldn’t be brought up properly but there are times when you have to let the kettle blow off steam and understand your child’s feelings based upon their conditions. You don’t fix problems by sweeping them under the rug.

You didn’t see it because I moderate the comments…

Duh ::slaps head::. Well, in that case, thanks for taking one for your readers. I’m sorry you have to deal with this… shit.

And for the most part, you do an admirable job of keeping the trolls and riffraff out of the mix, but I have seen several of my comments in the…uh.. comments.

“and my curiosity ends at wading in shit”
It’s like he says what we’re all thinking.

Concerning your backups. You should be running a continuous backup so you won’t have to remember to do them manually.

I’d recommend Backblaze. https://www.backblaze.com/

It’s not expensive and you don’t have to worry about it. Well worth the price of keeping all your files safe.

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