266 Explosive and Volatile.

Man, I thought I already set up this post…  I guess it’s not late yet…  Technically I shouldn’t post till midnight anyway.  I’ve just gotten used to doing it so early.  Anyway, chemistry humor, huh?  SCIENCE!


How about potassium, or cesium? Those are even more volatile! Haha, science jokes. Started reading up on this comic again. My old laptop died so I lost the link, but I just found it tonight. Still love the art and the dialogue, and am excited to start reading it again. Power to you, Crave

Not to deliberately one-up Rodrigo… but Caesium and Sulphuric Acid. Heck… why not Fluoroantimonate?

Sodium and water’s pathetic hissing and skimming around just isn’t going to cut it.
I have long wondered what Francium would do… but I doubt it would stay Francium long enough for me to find out (and I wouldn’t stay healthy long enough either).

find the brainiac episode with the alkaline metals being dropped bathtubs and you will have your answer

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