540 Sunny Jim.

I once looked up the origin of the whole calling someone Sunny Jim thing, but have since forgotten what I learned.  It must not have been interesting because I usually remember random facts like that.  Or maybe my memory is just giving out finally.  XD

There was about a month a while back where I kept seeing stuff about cults everywhere.  Jim Jone’s little misadventure always comes up since it was such a massive failure with such horrible consequences.  Listening to him talk I can’t understand how people weren’t able to see how douchecrazy he was.


gah stupid people like reggie are precisely why i put up a Goosfraba sign at my workplace…

this brings up memories of frank.. see frank was a nice guy… which is why people say they wanna be frank when they hafta tell someone something harsh they dont wanna hear…

I still think Reggie just needs a big hug, a smile, and someone whom actually wants him to feel genuine happiness instead of his half-assed attempt at it by being a spoiled snob who looks down on others to make himself feel important. Overblown self-importance is not happiness, Reggie.

I looked into “Sunny Jim” just a little bit and I can see why you forgot about it. There was the Force cereal mascot, then the peanut butter mascot, and random people who got that nickname.

In fairness, Jones and the People’s Temple actually did some genuinely good stuff before going completely off the rails.

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