539 Surly.

If you’re reading this then I am stuck someplace on my way back home.  Could be bad weather, could be clowns, no one can be sure.  I’ll let you know if I say anything of note here later.  There’s at least some chance that I’m “assisting” with the holiday decorations.  Which means I’ve fallen asleep in a corner of Grandma’s house.

Got my PC repaired, debugged, and on the net again.  I am the smartest man alive.


omg that reminds me of sheogorath’s quote “dug a pit and filled it with clouds or maybe it was clowns. anyways it didn’t slow him down and it just began to smell something awefull. must have been clowns then cause clouds dont have much of a smell.” just recently completed all 60 achievements for oblivion/shivering isles and i have got to say some of sheogoraths lines have been the funniest i have ever heard in a video game.

first, kudos to flame lord for the shivering isles reference. great game, and sheogorath is crazy fun. Second, this comic is all kinds of funny. i read through it in one shot, and i can’t wait for more.

Reggie = Tool. I wouldn’t mind feeding Reggie to some of Sheogorath’s minions…

I personally prefer Morrowind, but both games are well worth it.

Reggie wants to get into Nina’s cargo pants, so he’s not going to say anything to endanger that plan. Never mind the fact that she just whacked him silly. Reggie is such a twerp that he probably sees the slap as just a temporary setback in his pursuit of the resident Amazon.

It *was* Ed who initiated their conflict with the insult, though, wasn’t it?

You’d think he’d have learned from how he blew up at Carol not to insult people as soon as you meet them.

I like how Reggie comes to talk about grievances while having a legitimate grievance and opens the conversation with words that kill any legitimacy of his grievance.

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