538 Golden Haired Idol.

Some of you guys really like cheese.  Like, more than a friend…  O_O

Also, I’ll be in Garden City on December 1st.  Those of you with books you want signed, or otherwise defaced by the “artist” are welcome to contact me for location details.  I don’t want the clowns to be able to find me, so best not explain the whole trip in the open…  <_<

Moving on…

There are those among you who may remember that I swore off handheld Legend Of Zelda games after completing Minish cap.  There were a lot of little things about the play experience that I didn’t care for.  When they revealed the DS title I, like an abused lover, was prepared to give Zelda another try.  At least until I found out it was primarily touch controlled.  I don’t like the imprecise nature of the touch screen.  So I held fast to my previous ban.  Now Nintendo has almost fully revealed LOZ: Spirit Tracks and I can feel them trying, desperately, to pull me back in.  It has trains, which I like, but feel might be odd in the context of the Zelda universe, and now I find out it also has a ghost Zelda you can control… 

Trains AND ghosts.  Two great tastes that taste great together.

Well played Nintendo, well played…

The problem now is that I’m not going to skip a title.  I’ll have to find the previous Zelda game, and potentially suffer through it, to get to this new ghost train themed Zelda, which I may also end up suffering through.  Since this is a first party title it’s probably still the same price it was when it was released.  Because, even though Nintendo is a good company for the most part, they still have many dickish tendencies.  I’ve never played Mario Galaxy because said LAUNCH TITLE is still in the $50 price range however many years hence it’s been.  (Pokemon Wii and Fire Emblem Wii are also included in this dickstorm of price gouging.)

Thow me a bone Nintendo.  I gave up on dreams of playing Dead Rising (The complete 360 version, although I though the Wii version was great.), Fable 2, Team Fortress 2, Final Fantasy13, Ghostbusters (With realistic graphics) and many other titles to stick with you. 

Best friends forever, Nintendo?  BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!?


im not a whole big fan of fable, at least not the first one being way too short, but team fortress 2 has been one of the funnest multiplayer games i have ever played.
yes i do like better than some of my ‘friends’.
i have stalled out on loz phantom houglass due to game overload, but its not too bad.stylus is mainly used for attacks and puzzles so im ok with it. i will say that the vrs. mode is terrible.

I don’t think Nintendo forces stores to price their games high, stores just know they can get away with it for a lot longer time than other games.

“I don’t like the imprecise nature of the touch screen.”


Somebody hasn’t played EBA, I guess.

The touch screen is pretty damn precise, it’s just lack of practice with a different method of control (and possibly improper utilization of said control by developers) that would make any DS game imprecise.

Anyway, since this is a Zelda game, you don’t need to play the last game at all, since they mostly have their own self contained stories.

Also, Capcom made Minish Cap, as well as the Oracle games, Nintendo made Phantom Hourglass.

Tonight was, for me, an archive binge. From comic 1 through to comic 538, I read my way through every panel (And it was a damn sight quicker than the time I thought doing the same with Questionable Content was a good idea).

I find myself comparing these characters to other webcomic characters I read about, and the link that appears the strongest seems to be that of Reggie and “Archie” from Least I Could Do — or possibly Mike from Something Positive.

In both cases, the offending character served as an antagonist for the rest of the cast, only to be humiliated and emotionally destroyed under pretext of “character development”. While I haven’t yet seen a fan’s opinion of Mike — and haven’t read the comic itself for a couple of years — Archie remains a popular target of fan-bile in the LiCD community.

Nothing is good enough for them. No amount of character development or emotional torment will satisfy their desire to see Archie suffer forever for everything he has ever done. Apparently Mike has been ‘redeemed’, but I remain convinced that concept of ‘redemption’ is nothing more than ‘is the story’s butt monkey, but now accepts it as eternal penance’.

And thus, of course, this brings me to Reggie. What sort of character will he turn out to be, I wonder? Will he stay as he is? Will he change? How will he change? Will he become the Butt Monkey and Cosmic Plaything of Between Failures? Will he ever be accepted by the rest of the cast?

These thoughts flood my mind, coated in a deliciously bitter helping of my natural cynicism.


Nothing will change with Reggie’s personality unless something happens to change it. In a position of relative power and security as he is — despite Carol’s recent victory — the most obvious situation I can think of is if his family-gained security falls apart. Perhaps he gets dropped by his aunt, who eventually loses her patience with a nephew she considers to be more of a liability than an asset.

The trouble here is that such a situation would most likely come about as a result of Reggie doing something that would get even him fired — anything less may just end up as a ‘one last chance’ situation, which would have far less of an impact on him. Well, unless members of the cast take it upon themselves to goad Reggie into hitting them or otherwise attempting to get him fired.

If such a situation occurred, I’m having a hell of a hard time trying to work out which staff member — if any — would take pity on him. He’s made enemies of everybody, they’ll be far more likely to beat him to a pulp and leave him bleeding to death in a locked store cupboard.

Hmm. Fanfiction ideas abound… damn it. I left writing for other peoples’ characters behind long ago.

There is nothing wrong with liking cheese.

LoZ: Phantom Hourglass isn’t so bad, my only complaint is I have yet to find ALL of the ship parts. I suppose you’d have to play to understand that, but there you have it. I have pre-ordered Spirit Tracks already because LoZ was a game I grew up on since the original nintendo, and I’m just a super cool, awesome person like that ;) I agree that the touch screen controls are shabby, but its one of those game addictions that you get passed the shabby controls for the game type of things for me. Maybe I’m alone in having such a bad addiction???

I think I might prefer to be more like Jolene, simply because of the fact that I’ve already seen too many familiar character traits in Nina. hehe Plus her knowledge in movies is astounding :)

Interesting point Blayze. As a fan of all three comics you mentioned, I do agree that they share the same “shit on meeeeee!” character. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, or that it’s unimaginable that Reggie could undergo the same crazed transformation that Mike did somehow. Mike was a total dillweed and hated by everyone until he got a son and got married – that changed Mike’s world without any other character in SP affecting him. Could Reggie have a similarly cataclysmic situation? I figure we may want to give our Dear Writer another thousand strips or so to catch up with Randy before holding him to THAT candle.

As a writer of stories and webcomics myself, I agree that there are definitely characters who you put into a bucket – I find myself with an awesome joke or story line, only to say, “Hmmm, who fits this set of lines?” Sometimes the answer changes as the joke moves forward.

Dude, yes cheese is awesome. When we were cooking yesterday my brother put a whole wheel of brie that he had brought from the east village cheese shop and just wrapped it up in piecrust and stuck it in the over. It was awesome. We spooned molten brie on our potatoes and stuffing, and everything else!
On the other note: Phantom hourglass is great. I’ve never found a more intuitive use of the touchscreen. Almost every time when you tap it somewhere, it’s going to do precisely what you mean for it to do. Also, the boomerang is controlled by a drawn path away from yourself. It is Awesome. Just give it a whirl. If I actually owned a DS instead of borrowing my brother’s I’d have beaten that game ten times already it is so fun.

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