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For those of you who frequent the forums, it looks like several days worth of posts were wiped out when they did the upgrade, or whatever it was.  I’m not sure what all got wiped, I just noticed that a few threads have vanished and I totally didn’t do it. 

In unrelated news… 

When did the world turn on Dane Cook?  Everyone loved him, then one day everyone hated him.  People who told me he was the funniest man in all creation turned their backs on him, like Peter denied Jesus.  Was there a convention of cool kids who decided he sucked, thus causing the weak minded to follow suit?  Or did people finally realize that he wasn’t that funny to start with?  Somebody prop up Robert Stack’s corpse and let’s solve this unsolved mystery.


Dane Cook is like the white version of Mike Epps. He’s a funny side character, or comic relief but should NEVER be the leading man.

We call our friend who punches cock The Duke of BallPunch, and i used to think Dane Cook was funny but after a while he got old. Plus has anyone seen Mr. Brooks he was terrible in that movie.

I was, and am, fairly lukewarm on Cook. I’ve always been able to laugh at his standup, but afterwards I think “Oh man, why did I laugh at that?” I think what made him unappealing was when he started appearing in all these bad movies rather than producing okay-to-good standup material, which gives him an unappealing flavour.

He was pretty good in Dan in Real Life though.

I find that modern comedians go straight to the shock value crass jokes, I prefer the older comedians like Mel Brooks, Bob Newhart, and George Carlin, because more often then not their jokes make you think.

Yeah, I’d have to say it was turning into a bad movie machine that did Cook in.

I mean, I thought “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend” had a semi-clever premise – a professional douchebag actually falls in love – but the story is just so contrived it ruins everything.

Hmm… So I guess it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to say I’m Dane Cook’s #1 fan? With everyone hating him and all.

I still think he’s cool, so sue me.

(Haha, “punch in the cock”)

Dane Cook lost popularity when people started to realize… “I’ve heard this joke before…”

It’s true Dane Cook does “Borrow” jokes from less popular comedians, and the only way he makes it his, is he gets really energetic on stage. That’s about it.

I always thought Dane Cook was funny, but most of his stand up, is just stuff I have been joking about my entire life. Nobody thought it was funny until he said it, and then accused me of stealing HIS material >:(

Funny the comic should have that line in it, because I took a vow to punch Dane Cook in the cock if I ever met him.

I have always vowed to pummel the guy that invented the Wonder Twins with a shovel if I ever met him. Not because I’m a twin, or any other personal reason… Just because they were the stupidest “super” hero ideas ever thought up, and the idiot that inflicted them on us should be punished. Severely.

Even with that being said, drawing Ed and Jess as them would be pretty cool.

I was never a big Dane Cook fan.

On an unrelated note, actually, totally related.

He went to my high school. A few years before I did, but thats besides the point.

What was up with the male wondertwin? He sucked. I can only remember one time he was good and that was because he copied the form of the giant water monster they were fighting. If he can turn into gaint water monsters in the first place why didn’t he?

love the comic haha “punch him in the cock”funnyier than hell btw the world turned on dane cook (one of the 5 funniest stand ups alive)when he did good luck chuck and to be honest i understand why still hes a great comedian and my idol

Dane Cook is in no way funny, at least to me. He’s like a Ryan Reynolds that had his humor glands removed.

I thought Dane Cook was funny until he decided that being a comedian meant screaming incoherent noises and stupid catchphrases loudly into a microphone without any attempt at jokes.

Never listened to Dane Cook’s comedy, but I do know a lot of the hate he gets comes from Stanhope’s fans, as they’ve always been somewhat rivals.

And yes, I did just bump a 5 year old comment section.

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