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Even in the era of the cell phone sometimes messages don’t arrive on time.

Honestly I don’t have much to say this evening. I need to doctor up my foot because the heel randomly cracked and it’s getting to be an issue. I’m going to just leave it at that and take care of it since I put it off all day.

As always, support via the links above would be, in these dire financial times, very much appreciated. That said, I know it’s hard for everyone, so I understand if you can’t help. Perhaps when things are better you will remember your old pal, Jackie. Until next time kiddos.


The bubble in the second panel where Reggie is reading the text seems like would be more easily understood with quotation marks added, making it more immediately obvious he’s reading it off and not just observing it himself. (no offense, I love the comic, just constructive critisism)

I’ve had skin crack open and I never enjoyed it. All I can suggest is to put some wound care cream on it and put a dressing on it. Something that will keep the wound from drying out.

Good luck, I hope it heals quickly.

After it heals a bit, you might want to try a pumice stone to rub off some of the callus. Mine wouldn’t fully heal because the thick layer of skin made it easier to aggravate. Definitely cream first though.

I see a podiatrist once every two months. He uses sterile instruments to clear away accumulated calluses to keep them from cracking up later. He recommended every three months, but I find every two months works better.

I’m unironically waiting for Reggie and Madison to become best friends in the weirdest way. One the guy you always want to deck and the other the puppy you want to protect.

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