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I think for Reggie, this was as good as it was ever gonna get. Realistically he and Maddison are a terrible match, although, if he wasn’t so easily annoyed by people not exactly understanding things, they might possibly could have been a happy couple for a while anyway. Every relationship has to compromise someplace. You just have to find someone who can compromise compatibly.

Anyway, since this is going up late I’ll just cut it off there and remind everyone about the Patreon/subscribestar links above and leave it till next time. Hope to see you here. Metaphorically.


So Reggie is just like…SUPER autistic, right? Not like a bad thing, I mean, so am I. But the bluntness that pushes people away, the inability to pick up on certain social cues, the use of flowery language when simplicity would suffice. He’s very autistic coded and I’m okay with it.

I think scared might be a better title for what’s wrong with Reggie. Like, he has this massive ego that’s also super fragile, because a lot of the stuff he tries goes wrong. He’s blunt, and pants pale away, but desperately wants to be included. Why do you think he always hangs around Thomas so much? And let’s not forget, he wasn’t always like this. He was better before the display

I don’t know if he’s meant to be autistic, though there might be elements of that in his character. From what I’ve been able to tell, he’s damaged, he’s super unlucky and has a chip on his shoulder and doesn’t actually believe his own boasts but feels he needs to use them or the world will crap on him. He’d probably secretly feel like Prince Zuko is his spirit animal, but would never tell anyone that.

He is socially stunted, which I guess could be an autistic element?

I feel most for him on the crappy luck department, if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have none at all. :)

I keep wondering why, anytime someone’s a little on the different side from normal characters, people immediately want to go there.

Not everybody different is autistic. Not even most of them.

As Chuck Lorre once said, when he got tired of speculation about Sheldon Cooper’s character and what was “wrong” with him: “There’s nothing *wrong* with Sheldon as far as diagnosable problems like autism… Hes just an Asshole.”

I mean, if the autistic person is recognizing strong similarities to himself, it seems like a reasonable question to ask, even if I don’t think he is. And Sheldon is 100% autistic, but Lorre doesn’t want the potential backlash of actually giving him a diagnosis because that would upset the community, making them look bad.

This has nothing to do with Autism. Men in General are blunt and to the point, and we don’t always pick up on the subtle hints or whatever that Women put out. Women and men both forget that all the time. Men’s brains are like Waffles, and Women’s brains are like spaghetti. You should look up “A Tale of Two Brains” by Mark Gungor.

Okay, but are you saying men in general are like Reggie? Because I will dispute that. Clearly he has his issues.


Reggie is Reggie. Reggie is just a jerk. He’s had his fair share of bad stuff in his childhood growing up, but that is no excuse for being a jerk. He’s getting better, growing as it were, but his character is still that of the jerk growing into not being a jerk. He’s abrasive, rude, and snobbish; all traits of a stuck up jerk. I am a guy myself, and I’m quite blunt and straight forward, but I’m not like Reggie. MOST guys are NOT like Reggie… but MOST guys ARE blunt and straight forward. It’s part of what makes us Men. It’s a strength of Men, the ability to go straight for the throat of the problem and get stuff done as rapidly as is physically possible. That’s why the job markets of the world and the pay structures are as they are… because Men are Men and Women are Women. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and no amount of PC screaming about it changes that fact. The deranged nutbars thinking they can literally change genetic instincts that have been a part of our DNA since our Cromagnon and neanderthal ancestors, and that are ingrained in our very DNA like the instincts of birds to fly, fish to swim, and lungs to breath is as ludicrous and foolish as jumping off a tall building without a parachute. Neither idea is smart and neither will end well! :-P

Wow, what a load of crap. (Hope that’s blunt enough for you.)

I’m a woman, and I live with two guys. One’s my husband and the other is our roommate/best friend. Of the three of us, I’m the one most likely to be blunt and straightforward. In fact I’ve had to apologize to the guys on numerous occasions when I’ve been a little TOO blunt and inadvertently dismissed or hurt their feelings.

Your argument sounds a lot like the bullshit theory of “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. It’s basically gender essentialism, which has been thoroughly debunked. Women (and men for that matter) do not act or think alike. Human brains are far more complex than that.

Yes, I’m well aware that Men and Women do not think like the opposite gender. That was kind of part of my entire point.

TYPICALLY Men are blunt and straight forward.
TYPICALLY Women are NOT blunt and straight forward.
Each approach has its use in life, and each gender a given approach TYPICALLY is genetically keyed to generally utilizes it in the way their gender typically uses it and for whatever purpose they find necessary.

Again, I’m talking typical genetics, physiology, and biology here.

Your results may vary. :-P

Every single thing you just regurgitated, no doubt learned from other even more backwards people than you, has long since been disproved. Thoroughly. Over and over again. Men and women are not different species; the differences in behavior you’re talking about are imposed by society more than anything and either way variations in personality are infinite.
Job markets and pay structures(the wage gap) are as they are because the systemic misogyny involved is incredibly difficult to overcome, not because of inborn qualities of men and women. It’s called a patriarchy, not a meritocracy, and it sustains itself with lies like the ones you’re spouting. It’s not a so-called “natural order” and it has nothing to do with genetics. Even among the earliest cultures, gender roles varied wildly and there were plenty of matriarchal societies.
Besides, I don’t know about you but I see nothing to aspire to in neanderthals and denisovans. Pushing the narrative that our identities and personalities are tied to that is just stupid and insulting. Feel free to get those genes expressed when the technology is refined but I for one think you should be looking to the future instead and unlearning the transphobic diatribe that you couldn’t stop yourself from slipping in a completely unrelated post.

You guys seem to have mistaken my comments section for Dumbing Of Age’s or something. If you can’t talk to each other without devolving into character assassination just don’t say anything at all.

Yeah I have not engaged with devolving into insults and such. Kestrel and Mata seem to have been offended by scientifically verified facts, and I’m taking it as indifferently as possible.

Everything you just said is scientifically verified as incorrect.

I am absolutely refusing to engage with any of it individually, as it will be pointless to even try and tell you the facts you so clearly have not been taught, but instead have been mislead to believe the exact psuedoscience opposite of.

It would be pointless for me to even try to argue with you, as you would reject everything I say, due to the perception you have already built about me… which you are patently wrong about also I might add.

Even if I gave you glaring proof, you would still reject it the same as flat-earthers reject what they can see with their own eyes.

Please… for your own sake… do some research; using peer-reviewed, proven credible, reliably accurate resources; into all the claims you just made. I 100% guarantee you, that if you do that, instead of listening to the news media and the professors at colleges who spout the pseudoscience malarkey, you will quickly find that everything you think you know is wrong. You have been lied to… a lot.

It’s okay though. We all have. I just did my research and know what I’m talking about because I did my research.

Also, the “wage gap” as an argument has been disproven, systemic mysogeny was outlawed in the 70’s, the US hasn’t been a patriarchy since the 80’s (I know, I grew up in the 80’s and watched it changing before my very eyes, AND I did my research about it), the term “transphobia” denotes an irrational fear of transgender/trans-sexual people of which there is no such phobia that has ever been documented in human history and the term is a buzz word that is being used to promote bigotry against straight people. Yeah… you accusing people of being “transphobic”… is bigotry. Bigotry and prejudice and hatred.

I truly hope you find the truth.

“Seek the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth.”
– Truth Seekers; Anonymous

If you two want to argue then exchange information and pick a place to duel other than here. Don’t befoul my site with this twitter debate. This is the last time I’ll ask nicely.

My girlfriend at the time complained about my bluntness and insensitivity, which I honestly didn’t think was too bad myself.

I then switched my mode of operation to being indirect; implying things; not saying out loud what I was thinking while emoting; being calculating and scheming; and so on. Basically acting like a woman, specifically said girlfriend (or a caricature of her).

Just a few hours later she was begging/cursing/ordering me in a tearful tantrum to stop. I didn’t even get to torment her by keeping her awake through the night with various meandering but very important discussions requiring her continued attention. Oh well.

Reggie once again proving why he’s my favorite BF character. Yes, he’s a clumsy, pompous little narcissist, but under the chest puffing he has a pretty large capacity for mercy and tact. He takes things seriously as soon as he decides to be involved, he doesn’t cut corners, he works hard, and he’s showing a lot of growth regarding people with different interests than him ever since he met up with the furry gang. He’s a good guy. Just… young lol

For all the ego he’s demonstrating… that’s a surprisingly gentle way to let her down easy. I didn’t expect that out of Reggie.

More and more Reggie moves up the ladder to being my favorite character. Man never forgets he lives in reality despite his ego

Hey Reggie… two girlfriends. They might be into that. ;-)

And now we get to why I really like Reggie as a character; he’s an egotist, no question. But he is nothing if not honest and truth be known, Maddison needs honesty more than being coddled, to grow up just slightly.

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